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You have to admit this is stupid

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This reminds me of hate crime legislation.  There is no way to create any consistency with laws like this.  I hate these fvcks as much as anyone, but if laws were actually enforced as they currently are, why would this be necessary?  I don't like this kind of legislation at all.  I hope it doesn't pass.

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it will backfire on cobservatives ofc once its their turn to stomp their feet and pout cause they didnt get their way. Imo this has more to do with the imf protesters every year than antifa, but theres prob some overlap with them

fyi the imf protesters have been warning people for decades about globalism and deep state shenanigans, the same stuff the alt right has been going on about. so im suspicious here of some ulterior motives. i dont really care about antifa, they're weird hipster chicks who do hairy bush layouts for the internet to peruse....but this could have unintended consequences for all sides

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