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Children placed with human traffickers

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 I wonder why no liberal ever posted that. It must be ok with with the left, unless it happened under Pres Trump admin.

But NO, WE use DNA testing to only get these kids to the correct parents.

The former, retired director of ICE said it was about 30% ? of the time, the "parents" were NOT parents at all,

and the children were too young, or too afraid to say so. Children being stolen and used for entry to the U.S.

He said more than once, a gang member/.bad dude refused a dna test, and admitted it wasn't his kid.

   and sicko dems want this to just keep happening...for dem dependent votes. marxism at it's worst.

Check this out:


“In 2015, I learned the story of eight unaccompanied minors from Guatemala who crossed our southern border.  A ring of human traffickers lured them to the United States, they’d actually gone to Guatemala and told their parents they would provide them education in America.  To pay for the children’s smuggling debt, their parents gave the traffickers the deeds to their homes, which the traffickers then retained until the children could work off the debt because they weren’t interested in giving them an education, as it turn out, they were interested in trafficking them.

“When the children crossed our border, their status, as defined by federal immigration law, was that of “unaccompanied alien child,” or UACs, so you will hear the term UAC used today.  The Department of Homeland Security picked them up and, following protocol, transferred them to the Department of Health and Human Services.  HHS then was supposed to place these children with sponsors who would keep them safe until they could go through the appropriate immigration legal proceedings. That’s practice.

“That didn’t happen. 

“What did happen:  HHS released these children back into the custody of those human traffickers without vetting them.

“Let me repeat that:  HHS actually placed these children back in the hands of the traffickers. 

“The traffickers took them to an egg farm in Marion, Ohio, where the children lived in squalid conditions and were forced to work 12 hours a day, six-seven days a week, for more than a year.  The traffickers threatened the children and their families with physical harm—and even death—if the children didn’t perform these long hours.

“This Subcommittee investigated.  We found that HHS didn’t do background checks on those sponsors.  HHS also didn’t respond to red flags that should have alerted them to problems with the sponsors.  For example, HHS missed that a group of sponsors were collecting multiple UACs, not just one child but multiple children.  And HHS didn’t do anything when a social worker provided help to one of those children, or tried to at least, and the sponsor turned the social worker away.

“During our investigation, we held a hearing in January 2016, so this goes back a couple of years, where HHS committed to do better, understanding that this was a major problem in 2016. Of course that was during the Obama administration so this has gone on through two administrations now. HHS committed to clarifying the Department of Homeland Security and HHS responsibilities for protecting these children.  HHS and DHS entered into a three-page ‘Memorandum of Agreement,’ which said that the agencies recognized they should ensure these unaccompanied alien children aren’t abused or trafficked.

“The agreement said the agencies would enter into a detailed “Joint Concept of Operations” that would spell out what the agencies would do to fix the problems.  HHS and DHS gave themselves a deadline of February 2017 to have this ‘Joint Concept of Operations’ pulled together. That seemed like plenty of time to do it. It wasn’t done and that was over a year ago.

“It’s now April 2018.  We still don’t have that Joint Concept of Operations—the JCO – and despite repeated questions from Sen. Carper and me, as well as our staffs, over the past year, we don’t have any answers about why that is. 

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are you an illegal, woodpecker?

Federal Agents Target Illegal Bird Trade - US Fish and Wildlife Service

May 29, 1998 - Federal Agents Target Illegal Bird Trade. ... Act. In general, these birds cannot be imported into the United States or sold in interstate commerce ...

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