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Democrats continue to IMPLODE (GGG)


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Jun 9, 2009 11:10 pm US/Eastern

Chaos Rules The Day In The Capital District


Democrats Furious Over GOP Coup, Vow To Take Back Locked Senate Chamber; Republicans Push For Work To Resume

Marcia Kramer ALBANY (CBS) ― Aftershocks of the New York State Senate shake up were rippling through the state capital Tuesday. With all the chaos, confusion and hard feelings, many in Albany are wondering who's in charge and what happens next?


Less than a month ago, Democrats and Republicans posed like one big happy family for their class picture, but a dramatic coup to depose Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has left everybody in Albany wondering what's happening next, and has left an awful lot of hard feelings.


"I think it's absolutely distasteful, it was a side show," Smith spokesman Austin Shaffran said. "It was politics at the worst and its something Senate Republicans should be ashamed of."


Smith didn't show his face Tuesday, but sources said legal action is being considered to stop Republican Dean Skelos from becoming majority leader and renegade Democrat Pedro Espada from becoming Senate President pro tem, one step away from being governor.


"There are a number of options for possible legal recourse that are being discussed with members, that are being discussed internally with staff and with counsel," Shaffran said.


Sources told CBS 2 HD that legal pressure is being brought to bear to step up action against the two renegade Democrats who supported the coup -- Queens Senator Hiram Monserrate, who was recently indicted for attacking his girlfriend, and Espada, who really lives in Mamaroneck and has a number of campaign finance violations. Espada is being investigated by the Bronx district attorney and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.


"He certainly has an ethical cloud over him, there's no doubt about it. But under the American system of jurisprudence he's innocent until proven guilty," said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group.


"There's no question that obviously he has to deal with those problems," added Sen. Frank Padavan, R-Queens, added.


There was no work done in the Senate Tuesday. Here's why:


Right now the doors to the Senate are locked, so the big question is whether Democrats open it in time for session Wednesday.


"I'm hoping by 3 o'clock tomorrow the former majority leader will realize that we need to move on," said Sen. Tom Libous, R-Binghamton.


Republican senators said it's unconstitutional for Democrats to keep the door locked.


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Dems are like children playing checkers, and when they lose, they


angrily smack the board and checkers to the floor,


and say "that game didn't count, it was only practice!"


Wanting to have the win justifies any action taken to get the win.


Say, that sounds like the Steelers, too...

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