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Actually, that was apparently? impromptu?


and was a class move by Obama, who can have a sense of humor, unlike Inspecta.


But if Bush did it, Inspecta would be making jokes about Kennedy


getting "knocked up" by Karl Rove...


The human side of Obama is that I'm sure he's a fine father, etc.


But his politics are warped on the leftist side, that's all.

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You don't have a sense of humor, ever.


Although, perhaps you do in real life, that's always a possibility...


but I doubt it. You are as frumpy as Heck is diversionary, hopscotchy and boring.







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I wasn't out of line. And polls are biased representations of allegience.


There isn't any "red-ass"... it wasn't me who offending a ton of folks over on the Browns board.


But you think that was funny.


You ARE a red ass.


I simply respond as responded to.


You can see the difference in my responses in different threads.


What goes around comes around, the harder you throw a rubber ball against the wall,


the more it hurts when it bounces back.


Poetic justice haunts your psyche, perhaps?


Sorry, I will try to be nice to you. We'll see if that works.


I adjust well, and can multitask excellently. Have different approaches,


or the same approach, and you will see the same comin right back to you.


Think of it as a learning experience, badly needed, on your end.


I'm glad to assist, because, well, I care.


And, to quote a pretty smart guy on this board, (but not smarter than me, LOL)


"Hey, Inspecta, NANI NANI POO POO"


(crap, I wonder if I spelled that correctly. I'll have to ask mz the pussy...) :D





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Well, I can only tell ya that saying any of us hates blacks or Arabs is uncalled for.


Your offensive sig over on the Brownsboard was also very uncalled for.


Bickering with you isn't fun. You cross the line to try to win because


well, for whatever reason you do it...


So, we should all just let you type and not upset you, if we can.


Maybe Dan has a point... but maybe six months is too long...

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I have to admit, that was classy, and I really don't think it was staged at all.


Obama IS a human being, his politics made me want to go buy some Tums, though....@@

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President is a nice guy, and he is doing what he honestly believes is best for the people of this country.


The sad fact is his views on what is best are simply flat out wrong.

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And we duly observe that this action is in the grand Democrat tradition of excuse making.




(just kidding....before the lefties get on with the "how DARE you" bit ;) )




ROF,L ! (more as the grand "Heck excuse making tradition")

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