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Injuries a positive?

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Is it just me or does it seem like the tribe plays there best baseball after a couple injuries. I think are problem has been platooning to many players, so when injuries happen you have to play guys everyday and they get into a groove. Same thing happened last year, hopefully wedge realizes this and makes the proper adjustments.


If I was wedge I would trade Peralta, play DeRosa at 3rd, Valbuena Short, Carrol at 2nd till Cabrera is back, Martinez at first Garko when he's catching.

When Shoppach isn't catching dont play him his bat is horrible, Francisco in Left, Crowe in center till gradys back, Choo in Right. Pronk Martinez and Garko rotating at DH depending on whos playing when. When cabrera comes back Carrol is your utility infielder and when gradys back Crowe's the utility outfielder.

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