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Damn. We’re Toast. Time for the U.S. to Tax Farting Cows

Mr. T

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Damn. We’re Toast. Time for the U.S. to Tax Farting Cows


I’m not making this up. The EPA is seriously considering a $175 per cow tax.


The Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t want to tax you, but it does want to levy a tax on the amount of gas livestock produce.


Carol Williams and her husband Everett have about 1,200 cows at their Morgan County farm.


Those cows pass a lot of gas.


“I think there’s been some studies done. Don’t remember the figures. said Everett Williams.


I mean some of these girls are pretty good size girls,” Carol Williams.


The methane gas released by livestock affects the atmosphere.


The EPA’s idea is to tax each dairy cow $175 a year and each beef cow $80 for the pleasure.


The cows won’t pay, but the Williams will.


“About $150,000 a year. Basically it would put me out of business,” said Everett Williams.


What’s worse is milk prices tanked this year. Farmers are getting about half of what they got paid last year.


“I feel they are picking on the farmers,” said Carol Williams.


The Williams’ do their share to help the environment. They grow their own feed and recycle the water and the manure.


If the EPA imposes a tax, the cows will need Gas-X.



“I don’t think it would do any good. It’s not industrial strength,” said Everett Williams.


Farting Cow?

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Of course, having goofy people in gov started lonnnnnng before even Bush and Obama,


but those goofy people are still there.


I was talking to the biggest farmer around... the farmer down the road got his big backhoe stuck down in


wet soft ground that resulted from a filled in gas line ditch...


and after it got unstuck, and 4 of us ended up talking.


Seems that the big farmer had a run in with Oh about emminent domain, because they wanted to take


ten acres from him to make a water resevoir. Regula was the congressman's name, whose big legacy


is the environment etc etc.


Well, the other farmers were throwing off the Dems in office. And when the story came up about


emminent domain, it turned to Republicans. Regula sp? is the Republican. So, he was talking with this Rep one


day, after a town meeting, and the big farmer said, "no way am I giving up ten acres that you all want" and the -Republican


says "well, emminent domain means we can pay you for it and take it for the public good. Don't you believe in the public good?"


To which the farmer said "Not when the gov startings minding my business and taking from me what my family has worked


hard for all these years. I read the Communist Manifesto in college. You ever read it? You should".


Well, the old big-farmer says Regula pretty much got red faced and was so mad he could have just


about exploded. Then the farmer told him that taxes are too high, and taxing MORE to have a fancy legacy


in history wasn't his idea about the American way.


So, I tend to listen and not talk much, these old farmers know tons.


Then, they started talking about taxes being raised and costs going up because of energy...


hyperinflation from the git go if/when it continues to come down the tracks.


Taxing cows for farting. And it isn't EVEN A JOKE. @@



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I never cared to much for Regula when I was living up there, but thats all we had. It was like voting for president pick the lesser of two evils.




I believe Ralphie is a company man and looks out for his own well being.



you can bottle that gas..... :o


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