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Bill Maher: New Rules

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Although I agree with about 90% of this video, Maher, as per usual, has horrid delivery. Maybe he should write for the Daily Show, or Colbert or someone who has a sliver of presence.


Plus, due to content, his audience is probably asking for a refund, and Chris Matthews appears to be on the brink of tears.



@ 3:26

Folks, Barack Obama needs to start putting it on the line when fighting against banks, Energy companies and the Healthcare industry. I never thought I'd say this, but actually, what he needs in his personality, is a little George Bush.

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There really isn't any excuse.

Bush never had a mandate this big.


But you know I'm skeptical at best and cynical at worst.

I still think it's a crock of empty campaing promises that were destined to evaporate soon after the election with Republicans to blame.


I don't know what policies of Bush went through unsscathed.



Pelosi promised to de fund the war.

Looks like business as usual.

repeal the evil tax cuts?

No hurry.

End the medicare prescription plan they've bitched about for years?


Health care?

Sure there are things we can and should do to control costs.

But he's taken torte reform off the table and promises little else than expanding medicare.

I heard the speech oddly enough in my parents doctor's officce waithing room.

Yes Mr Obama. If we all eat right and exercise we'll need less care.

And no sir, cancer ain't all that preventable.

When it gets shot down it'll be "oh well at least we tried" while the powers that be stifle chuckles.

The bailouts?

You decide.


I just don't know what the left serioulsy expected the guy to do.

What I do expect is that he puts off the bogus plans until there's one more Republican senator so he can throw up his hands.



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And if we properly inflate our tires, we will same a ginormous amount of gas.



And for all the crap I give him, he's right.

I inflated my tires and did get better mileage.

And I'm sure a little exercise will help me.


But there's no desire to fix what needs fixing.


And I'll be the first to apologize if I'm wrong.


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Well, Steve, it takes about an hour to walk around our property, especially hiking through the woods.


In case you ever have the time... GGG

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I think Maher is being fairly blunt, however he is smart enough to know that first term presidents are normally just acting within constraints to get reelected not necessarily change anything.


I voted for him because of his intelligence/organization and approach not for the "change" mantra. I am pretty sure Axelrod and company are playing chess here not checkers.

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