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Ross Akins Speaks


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Indians Farm Director Ross Atkins shared some thoughts this week on some of the players at Double-A Akron:


On Carlos Santana: "He has been great. When you look at those numbers what jumps out at you is the 10 home runs, but he has actually had a spell the last two or three weeks where he has been human. It is a lot like Victor where he has come back down to Earth a little bit, as he was playing in another league for most of the first half. I think even more noteworthy are the strides he has made as a defender and game-caller. The questions he is asking and the passion he has for wanting to be a good defender have all been very good signs, and he has made some encouraging strides so far."


On Beau Mills: "Beau has been a lot better. As we talked about a lot, guys at some point in their career will face challenges and obstacles they have to find ways to get over as the talent starts to bottleneck. Beau is very talented, but has had to make some subtle adjustments as pitchers learn how to attack him. He has gotten much quieter in his approach, and he looks much more comfortable over the last three weeks than he has looked all year. He is still driving the ball with authority, still the guy you want up in a key situation, and still one of the better players in that league. Beau is having a good year."


On Hector Rondon: "Actually, I think with his first major league spring training it was a big increase with when his workload started and where he normally is at this time of the year. So I think his shoulder was a little bit fatigued, and we figured it would be a good time to give him a blow and just skip a start. He came right back out [on Sunday] and was nice and easy and hitting 94 MPH and looked like the Hector Rondon we saw before the fatigue. He is right where he needs to be."





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