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Terry Pluto Talkin Browns


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You know I read that little part about Mangini and Rogers and it's funny when I remember how people were saying they wanted to get rid of Rogers when they had that little dispute and how Mangini was an asshole because he was treating him like crap :rolleyes: Now look at how things are turning out between the two :) It's also funny how Mangini seems to get players to want to play for him.........seems like he's not such a bad guy after all ;)

To be honest, I think if I remember right ALL of the Mangini hate was coming from WRITERS...who couldn't get any information from him in NY or in Cleveland. The players who have talked about Mangini in NY and here have all been pretty complimentary of him.


The Rogers thing was an oversight blown out of proportion by a bunch of disgruntled "I am an INSIDER" writers with nothing else to write about.



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