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Are We Fans Missing The real Problem With The Browns

Sony Reed

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Many fans stated in the Preseason that this was the year that the Browns would dethrone the Steelers and rule the AFC North and we would have 10 to 11 wins this season.


There were posters stating the Browns offensive line was top 5 in the league, that we would have many Pro Bowl players on this team and yada yada yada.


I posted before the season that the Browns were reading there own press clippings and needed to prove things on the field.


Well seems many of us fans were wrong about this team and have placed the blame on everything from RAC, DA, Braylon Edwards and Savage and others.


What I feel that we are all missing is that yes this team won 10 games last year but look at the teams we beat to get those 10 wins.


I believe that this team does not have as much talent as many people have been led to believe which is the primary reason we sit at 3-5 today.


Look at the offensive, at wide receiver we have Edwards and Stallworth has not been healthy to get on the field and after that we have guys like Steptoe, Sanders ect who would be the 5th receiver on most teams, at running back we were expecting a season from Jamal Lewis like last season but its becoming obvious that the Lewis of 2008 is not the Lewis of last season and we have no back behind Lewis that can carry 15+ times per game, their have been fans/posters wanting to see more of Steve Heiden fact is the guy is a good backup but he is not in the class of Winslow and if he started and played each game you would see that IMO, the offensive line last year dominated some very poor defenses but this year that same OL has played some pretty good defenses and the run blocking is not close to last season and its not just because Tucker is out, as a whole the entire offensive line is not playing anywhere near what they did last season.


Look at the defense, other than Shaun Rogers at NT, this team does not have any playmakers on defense who can change the outcome of a game with a big sack/interception ect, many Browns fans want to put Sean Jones in the same class with Polamalu and Ed Reed but those guys make big plays and game changing plays each week and Jones does not. look at the linebackers on this team in a 3-4 defense your playmakers are supposed to be your linebackers, what linebackers on this team are playmakers?


So if you look at this team I believe we all over judged the talent on this team and this team is not as talented as many want to believe.


True to some extent D.A. has been a problem but he is not the sole reason this team is 3-5.


RAC has proven to be a terrible coach but you are only as good as the talent you have.


Now look at Phil Savage, all the Savage supporters want to say all the talent he has brought in, yes that talent looks good on paper but look at all his aqusitions and how many true playmakers have he brought in? Corey Williams? No, Donte Stallworth? No, and look at his draft picks, would anyone today still rather have Wimbley over Ngata of the Ravens? in 4 years Savage has had 2 picks in the top 3 of the draft and selected Edwards and Joe Thomas both excelled last season against weak teams and both at best have had average seasons this year and Wimbley is looking more like a bust each game and Savage other draft choices while average to better than average NFL players there is not one superstar or soon to be star among any player Savage has drafted or signed as a free agent.


In all the blame first goes to Phil then RAC and others, folks this team is not as talented as many of us thought it was or would be.

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Guest Masters

I really can't ever get on board with the fans being the problem. Expecting victory and a division title is what they should expect each year (reasonable or not). I mean that should be every player and coaches expectation.


I'd agree the players started believing their own hype too much (just like DAL).

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I did not say the fans are the problem, I think we the fans thought this team had more talent based on last years 10 wins and the signings in free agency and the draft picks this year, my point is the team is not as talented as many thought.


Its not D.A.'s fault that the offensive line is not playing like last year, you can't blame D.A. for Jamal Lewis not having the big games he had last year or the drop passes by Edwards.


There is a reason we are near last in every offensive catagory this year and it goes beyond the quarterback, some of it is the talent is not as good as we thought and some of it is coaching, but whats obvious is we got 10 wins beating a bunch of poor teams last season.


With only one legit wide receiver on this team with Stallworth out and Lewis not running like the Lewis of last season has alot to do with the problems on offensive this season and the fact d-coordinators made adjustments when playing the Browns this year and the Browns did not make adjustments.

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Guest Masters

I got what you meant. What I mean is I don't think fans (or the players) had unrealistic expectations or beliefs of this team. I think the team is as talented as fans thought (and the NFL pundents, kind of like ARZ for the last few years). But it isn't showing up the field.


I think there have been two big issues on this team that has prevented them from hitting the potential. DA and RAC. When the QB and coach aren't getting it done, that trickles all the way threw the team. Because at the end of the day, they are supposed to lead. Both seem to fall into quicksand.

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You don't blow out the Giants in a dominant fashion like we did if you aren't talented.


The starters are talented. The team is not deep in talent. It is not consistent (particularly at QB and WR). It is not well-coached.


But there is talent. I wouldn't say enormous talent that is clearly underachieving like Indy, JAX, and SD appear to be this year, but still talented enough to be in the top 10-12 teams in the league.

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Why did we blow out the Giants? everything went right that night


This is the NFL, Kansas City almost beat Tampa Bay, the Lions almost beat the Bears, the Chargers blew out the Patriots week to week any team can beat any team


Jax and San diego were hit by huge injuries, Jax is playing without most of its starting O-line, San Diego has lost its star playmaker Merriman for the season and oline injuries, Indy has got old and hit by injuries to the oline and Addai.


Look at the 5 games we lost and what was Jamal Lewis rushing totals?


On defense we have played better than many thought, but where are the playmakers on D, where are our linebackers when we need a big play on D, linebackers are supposed to be playmakers in a 3-4.


Savage spent a high 1st round pick on Wimbley and so far he looks like a bust since his great rookie season yet the Steelers have a undrafted free agent in Harrison a 2nd round pick in Woodley and Timmons all playmakers this season, compare that to our linebackers.


Look at Savage's track record with quarterbacks in Baltimore, Kyle Boller, Charlie Frye, Derek Andersen not very good.


Name me one defensive stud Savage as drafted


Romeo wanted Charlie Frye last season as the starter now he is a 3rd string quarterback, so much for RAC evaluation of quarterbacks.


The player evaluation on this team is not very good and many people over judged this talent based on 10 wins last season

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  • 11 years later...
2 hours ago, Ibleedbrown said:

And that’s why l think we invested so heavily in the OL this offseason. Conklin. Wills Jr. That’s what l’m talking about.

Did you just respond to a 12 year old comment bleed? 😁 

I'm not even sure how you found this thread!

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