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Bernie laughed at

We need Tom Tupa

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I feel like someone shouldve posted this by now. If they did, feel free to delete it. I have no commentary to add to this post. I think it speaks for itself:





"I went to Mr. (Al) Lerner and Carmen Policy in 1998 and told them when they were talking about who should be the head coach of the new franchise, that they should hire Belichick. They laughed at me. They ridiculed me," Kosar said

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Laughed at, the god of Cleveland? Oh this is terrible!


Kind of reminds me of the glory days, when you had that "Bernie, Bernie" song mockery of "Louie Louie"... anybody remember?




Kinda reminds me of that dumbass


"Here we go, squeelers, here we go


here we go, squeelers, here we go


pissburghs goin to the toilet bowl".



You lose in the first round every year you break this shit out.

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