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Uncle Sam says "Call Home"

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Free Phone Service Offered To Poor In State

Hartford Courant June 25, 2009


WATERBURY, Conn. - Tens of thousands of low-income Connecticut people could be getting free cell phone service from a Florida company.


TracFone Wireless of Miami, Fla., says it will provide the service for up to 260,000 poor families under a federally sponsored program.


The company has launched SafeLink Wireless in Connecticut, offering a new Motorola phone and 64 minutes of airtime each month.


The cell phone service is available to people who receive government assistance through programs such as food stamps, Section 8 housing and Supplemental Security Income.


The company offers the program in 16 other states.


A TracFone spokesman says the company is giving away a phone that usually sells for $9.99 with hopes some recipients will eventually be able to pay for service.

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