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Obama's EPA hides evidence dissing CO2 global warming.


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A politically manipulative FARCE:




We are in great danger, folks. Moves are being made for us to accept


the taking of our liberties - a soft, gradual economic tyranny.



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I saw this on the news today and it didn't suprise me that they suppressed this information, all they want is the money$ Everybodys money!



This is just a Farce to get in place what will be one of the largest Taxes in history of the United States!



And it dosn't just $top at Taxing the Hell out of us, Look at all the new rugulations.



This will drive up prices (inflation) and drive Industry out of this country. Like these Lying Democrats give a Rats Ass about jobs in America with over 6 million people on unemployment and over 9 million out of work!





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Yes. Global warming, and leftist domination by hook or crook in "elections", is all about manipulating


the masses to get power, control, and riches.


I don't know how so many bought into it. Is subcultural membership in libersalism so pervasive,


that that many people just jump on board the man made CO2 global warming train?


Were some of us so wrong to look at it from the beginning with a sceptical eye?



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