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Cap and Trade lovers?

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So I barely have dial up and no cable here on the island.

I get some PBS and heard a discussion between Mark Shields and faux "conservative" Brooks.

Both are apparently proponents of the idea and both were bemoaning the fact that the Obama Pelosi bill had been stripped of whatever made it acceptable, specifically the ability (or desire) to sell the credits in order to allow a bit of profit.


So now it's basicall just a tax and the "credits" to be gifts for poltical buddies.


What's up?



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The idea that "only the top 5% of taxpayers will see an increase, everyone else will pay less taxes"


was just a great big lie that a LOT of Obama voters bought hook, line and sinker.


Obama was fishing for power. I will not be surprised if he shows some Chavez or Selaya


manipulations to KEEP it.


Look at history. It's been tried many times before.

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