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Come together

Westside Steve

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And give the new president the same respect and support the last one got.






I'm going to start an "IMPEACH NOBAMA SOCILIST SOMEBEECH" site. I hope I'm not too late to have one....

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You seem to be forgetting that Bush did have overwhelming bipartisan support. His approval ratings were at historically high levels after 9/11, remained high through 2002, and even into the first part of 2003.


Then he lost it. People came to believe that he was a shitty president. Now 7 in 10 Americans think he's done a shitty job. Mostly because he's done a shitty job.


Respect is earned, and lost. Support is earned, and lost.


Let's hope Obama isn't a shitty president like George Bush was. Then he will have respect and support.

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