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46 Breakdown (Part One)


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you can find a great breakdown of how the 46 works here at dawgsbynature.com, a site that's definitely worth checking out if you don't already know them.


the long and short of it is that the 46 is essentially just a one-gap 3-4 with the strong safety in the box, but there's also a fairly detailed breakdown of some basic play possibilities that the browns could use.


it's a far better read and tutorial than any credentialed writer from the mainstream media has put out and definitely worth your time.

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Thanks JD. Great read.


Nice to see this when discussing schemes/ formations:

Left Defensive Tackle/Nose Tackle:


The Left Defensive Tackle lines up directly over the Center.


Desired Skills: same as Left End, but bigger. Can sacrifice some mobility for strength/size. Probably at least 320lbs and strong.


NFL ideal: Shaun Rogers,

Probable Brown playing the position: Shaun Rogers


Wish we had a few more. ;)



p.s. Everytime we (I) saw Pollymouthfull blitz or fake a blitz, he'd line up in that SS position of the 46. I hope Abe can fill the role (I think he can).


Cover 2: I imagine Robaire & Rogers will be swapping - I just cant see Robaire sliding out into the flats to cover an RB/FB. Rogers can (and has).

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