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Why the pretense that these kids are really Michael Jacksons?

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I dont know? Maybe they all shared a 2 story bedroom with Wacko Jacko.



Meanwhile all the freaks are mourning over a pedifile.



Disgusting, the dude was a freak, and his music Sucked!



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I'm not buying that he was a pedophile. A lot of "famous" kids hung out with him (Justin Timberlake, Corey Feldman) and did not have a complaint. I believe he payed the one family off because in reality Michael Jackson was a somwhat shy, private person. Only the kids and Michael know for sure. He had no childhood, therefore never got a chance to really grow up, thats why he was a weirdo.


He was never happy with his nose because when he was young his dad had a nickname for him.... big nose. When your hero is calling you names like that, it's gotta be damaging.


Not defending the freak or anything... but he was talented musically.

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I going to I dont know and never will know the truth route. I have to agree about the money target theory... It does makes sense. I KNOW that as a parent there is NO amount of money that would sate my desire for caging a sexual predator if he got one of mine.


He was Revolutionary to the Music business in production/entertainment not to mention he was a true international race crossover icon. I remember the 80's quite vividly and he dominated the video and air waves period.


The mother or "wife" was completely anglo saxon blue haired blonde eyed caucasion..... Michael did not exactly (before the surgey disease) have classic "black" features. So I dont have a problem with these are his kids genetically because I have Mixed children that dont look like me... just characteristics.


Even if they are not Who REALLY CARES... I am sure his children are devastated and my heart goes out to them. I saw a snippet of his daughter at his memorial speaking and it was heart breaking as a human and a parent.

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I don't either.

And frankly even though I was never a fan all the "jokes" these days do bother me.


The poor little guy never seemed all that happy deespite his riches and fame.


The South Park episode (worth revisiting or for the 1st time if you haven't seen it) pretty much does the best job at the MJ joke(s). It does a pretty good job pointing out what a weirdo the guy is/was for the past 20 yrs - and that's where most simpletons will stop and call it "offensive, mean, etc.." but in typical South Park form, the "message" of the episode is that this guy is ignoring his own kids in order to play with the other kids (& be a kid himself) and therefore isnt necessarily fit to be a father.

I hate to hear that MJ's kids have lost their father, but it probably will be best for them (if they can stay away from Papa Joe).

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Guest BillyJack
I agree, that dude was mentally screwed in the head. Those parents all took payments from Michael Jackson to be quiet. Sorry, I'm calling bullshit on this one. If somebody molested my kid, no $ amount would shut me up. I wouldn't shut up until that f*cker was locked behind bars for the rest of his life.


No, Michael befriended these kids and the parents saw an easy way to make a shit ton of money. Could he really of molested the kids? Sure, but if you look at the parents it falls apart pretty quickly. Michael was so messed up he wanted to be a child again, I honestly believed he thought it was ok to sleep with kids and not think anything of it.






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