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Plenty of work left to do

We need Tom Tupa

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Depends on the bad guys.

If there's an attack how long before we respond if we do?

Rather than hit the US how about they kidnap a couple dozen Americans?

How about a new oil embargo?

Personally I think the stock market will come back BUT what if there's a long recession?

Gas shoots back to 5 bucks?


Americans aren't known for thinking long term......


Carter seemed weak and afraid.


Also who runs in 2012?

We'll see how Romney ages, but if Obama goes Carter on us I'm betting on a dark horse.


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Tupa's right. He's got to deliver now. Everyone does.


Problem is that he's going to be facing 1-2 years (at least) of serious recession. It's how he performs during that recession that will go a long way to determining how his party does in 2010, and how he does in 2012. Do Americans think he's doing the best he can with a bad situation, or making it worse?

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