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India tells Clinton, Hell NO!!

Mr. T

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India tells Clinton: No carbon cuts

Developing nation pays little heed to U.S. environment plan


NEW DELHI | Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton struggled Sunday to find a silver lining in India's rejection of legally binding carbon-dioxide-emissions reductions, saying a plan can be devised to fight climate change and boost India's economic development at the same time.




India is waiting to increase their employment numbers as soon as Obama and the dems pass Cap & Trade.


Who are the Suckers on this?


The only ones who will benefit from tjhis piss poor law will be foreign countries gobbeling up american jobs.


All you Libs can thank Mr. Waxman while your standing in a soup line.



Think Green :) Weenies!

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Apparently, a lot of Americans, a lot of Dems in the Senate,


and India and israel know that the bark is falling off the ugly Obama tree.

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