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We need to scrutinize all staff of the cruise ship from now on.


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It, so far, is true - blue dogs are very worried about about the health care package before Congress, and not going to vote for it.


That's a relief. I thought those


blue dogs had been hypnotized to believe they were Obama's watchdogs.


How to fix it? Find some way, forgetting about a lot of the media, to know that those we vote for


want to be stand up reps, who will do the right thing, make the right bills, and represent all Americans.


Leaving some Americans without health insurance, for example, is sad.


Politically posturing a new system, which will CAUSE 21 million Americans to lose their current health coverage,


is more sad.


Why ...not ...just...FIX problems?


Is political allegience a membership to self worth to some people? Why do socialized medicine advocates never say anything


about welfare recipients having pretty good health care? They make it sound like no poor have any health care, and it's


the nasty people who do have it are the enemies of the state.


Imho, there are a lot of folks, who want the government to take care of them, and couldn't care less about the lack of freedom


that would come with the package.


"Cap n TAX" only puts economic pressure on corp America to survive. Sounds like class warfare to me, which is how Obama


exists as president today. But where are the dems that worry about what HAPPENS after any cap n trade would actually get passed?


The current health bill - is so bad - why? Who wrote this health bill, that is so freakin bad, that a bunch of blue dog Dems


won't pass it? Well, it wasn't Republicans. It wasn't blue dog Democrats.


So, we are left with... leftists who are also Democrats.


Sounds to me, like it may be Republicans in disarray, and Democrats in disarray.


Where are the standup for America and American Reps and Dems?


Let's find out who they are, and regardless of party line, vote for them, and vote


the other leftists/jerks out of office. They exist in both parties.


I believe most of America now, is tired of face value words by both parties, to tell you what I really think.


We need to try to figure out behind those words up front, who are these people running for office, and are they


going to stand up people for America and Americans, or are they just self-interest wonks who will screw up the works


when they get into office?


Right now, instead of navigating the American cruise ship though safe waters, finding ways for all the passengers to have


a GREAT cruise with all sorts of choices...


we have what Mark Levin calls "Statists" who want to blow the ship up into a million pieces, with all the passengers as well,


and then rebuild the ship and passengers in their image. It won't work. That's what millions of American passengers are saying.


Modify the cruise agenda to make it better. That's it.

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We keep hearing all sorts of figures about how many are uninsured..35 mil...whatever...let's say that is the true figure.


I wonder if the government has gone to a private company, or put out through bid, just as they do any other contract, and see what it would cost to insure 35 mil folks in a basic coverage policy with a low co-pay of say $40-50 and get everyone in some sort of group plan.


It doesn't have to be a Cadillac plan..it may have some restrictions on who you can see and what procedures might and might not be covered, but a decent plan to at least get people covered for the normal bumps, bruises and emergency medical procedures that happen in life. Add in some sort of plan to cover meds using the same model. With a few exceptions, most of the big pharmaceuticals make the same medicine..contract with them to provide medication at rock bottom rates and in return give them massive tax breaks.


I somehow think it would be less than the figures now being mentioned, not to mention it would eliminate a huge level of oversight that is going to be needed if what the president wants comes in to being.

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The whole plan is to takeover an industry, I like how MAYO Clinic told Obama NO!!


Dont expect a simple plan from DC if they cannot create a huge bureaucracy they dont want anything to do with it. This is their way of creating jobs.


Go figure, what a bunch of idiots,

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Wouldn't our health care be dramatically improved, if the Obumbly admin gave major grants to companies to


help R&D, to lower costs for prescription drugs ?

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No because all the best minds are figuring out how to grow YOU hair and keep a boner.



LOL, that was funny...in a round about way you hit the only area where my libertarian view points do not hold. I think has part of 'reform' RX ads should be banned. I have never understood the need to advertising a medicine that you can only get by going to see your doctor and I am of the believe that this is part and parcel to the high prescription drug cost that we have. A patient should not be going to the doctor to talk about some drug for some disease that was created for the drug to have a purpose. That they only knew about b/c they saw it on TV.

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I have never understood the need to advertising a medicine that you can only get by going to see your doctor and I am of the believe that this is part and parcel to the high prescription drug cost that we have.


You're correct. There is no doubt in my mind that advertising costs factor in to high drug prices (I don't think it's the main factor at all, but a factor nevertheless).


Problem is, drugs are now commercial "products," like it or not. And because there's competition in the marketplace (look at all of the different ED meds), drug companies are feeling the need to differentiate their products. Hence the need for advertising.


We really need to stop thinking of these things as "medications," unfortunate as this reality may be.


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