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Obama popularity lower than Bush's

Mr. T

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Obama popularity lower than Bush's:


"President Barack Obama's tumbling poll numbers have dipped below those of his predecessor George W. Bush at the same point in his White House tenure, according to a national poll.


Mr Obama's approval rating is 55 per cent six months into his presidency, a USA Today/Gallup poll found. But 56 per cent of those polled approved of the job done by George W. Bush after six months, the daily reported.


Mr Obama's handling of the economy appears to be key in his fading popularity, as Americans become more pessimistic about how long it will take the economic downturn to end.


"His ratings have certainly come back down to Earth in a very short time period,"

Article Here


Meanwhile Obama claims to of rescued the economy :lol:


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and lower than Jimmy Carter's.


The bark is falling off the ugly Obumbly tree faster and faster.


Kinda like leaves in the middle of fall in a forest.

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