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from Senator Sherrod Brown, DEM senator from Ohio


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Well, I wrote a serious email to him. He's a goofy superliberal sen. from Ohio. But, per my real life persona,


I didn't try to be funny, etc. I just wrote a genuine email on a few issues, and my concerns.


I actually got a reply, in two days. Now, he must get thousands of emails, but,


like I say, I wrote honestly and made some good points about my concerns.


Here is what he/they wrote back: Not a bad letter at all.


(btw, right now, Obumblybutt, all of Congress, and all gov employees are exempt from the health care bill.)




Dear Mr. Calfox:


Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding health care.


I have heard from an overwhelming number of Ohioans on this issue. While the sheer volume of letters and calls precludes me from personally answering every question and concern I receive, I appreciate the input that I have received from you and other Ohioans.


Since first coming to Congress in 1993, I have refused to enroll in the coverage offered to members of Congress until every American has access to high-quality, affordable health insurance. When our nation achieves this goal, I would be pleased to enroll. I am fighting to ensure that a public health insurance option is available to both private and government employees, including members of Congress and their staff.


I strongly believe that our health care system is in need of reform that reduces the long-term growth of health care costs for business and government; protects families from bankruptcy or debt because of health expenditures; guarantees choice of doctors and health plans; invests in prevention and wellness; improves patient safety and quality of care; assures affordable, quality health coverage for all Americans; and ends barriers to coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.


One promising solution to the problems of cost, quality, and access that plague our health care system is to increase competition in the health insurance market. If the private insurance industry was truly competitive, then there would be strong incentives to provide coverage to as many Americans as possible and to build customer loyalty through cost savings and quality improvements. Unfortunately, insurers do not truly compete against one another; instead, they make use of the same basic strategies to earn significant profits. These tactics include selectively insuring the lowest risk enrollees, slow-walking claims payments so they can earn interest on every premium dollar, and denying as many claims as possible.


What the insurance industry needs is some healthy competition from a public insurance option. This option would not replace employer-sponsored coverage; it would simply give uninsured or underinsured Americans the choice of enrolling in an insurance plan that does not engage in the same cost-avoidance tactics as private insurance plans do. The public insurance option would also be a vehicle for quality, coverage, and provider access improvements that sets the bar higher for private insurance plans.

Recently, I have heard from many seniors and retirees concerned about the availability of quality health care coverage for older Americans. I agree that health care reform must not ignore seniors and I am working to address these issues as the health reform debate continues.


Please be sure that I am considering all the options carefully and that I will keep your views in mind as legislation related to health care comes before the Senate.


Thank you for also sharing your views about clean energy legislation.


Effective clean energy legislation will reduce climate pollution and promote the production of renewable energy—but most importantly it will ensure the creation of new clean energy jobs and industries. Clean energy legislation must also ensure the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers and protect consumers by keeping utility rates affordable. We must work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by making America a global leader in clean energy manufacturing.


For this reason, I recently announced legislation called the Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology (IMPACT) Act. This legislation, which was included in the House energy bill, would support manufacturers' transition to the clean energy economy and ensure clean energy jobs are created here in the U.S. This legislation would create a revolving loan fund for small and medium size manufacturers to retool and expand facilities to produce clean energy technology and energy efficient products. It is estimated this measure will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.


I appreciate hearing your input on this important topic. As clean energy legislation continues to be discussed in Congress, I will work to ensure that an unfair burden is not placed on Ohio families and businesses. I will only support legislation that creates new jobs and economic opportunities across Ohio.


Thank you again for getting in touch with me.




Sherrod Brown

United States Senator

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