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Are we immune to this?

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From the NYT:

For much of his education, Xue Longlong was silently accompanied from grade to grade, school to school, by a sealed Manila envelope stamped top secret. Stuffed inside were grades, test results, evaluations by fellow students and teachers, his Communist Party application and — most important for his job prospects — proof of his 2006 college degree.


Local officials said the files were lost when state workers moved them from the first to the second floor of a government building. But the graduates say they believe officials stole the files and sold them to underachievers seeking new identities and better job prospects — a claim bolstered by a string of similar cases across China.


As we move to centralize (avoiding the "S" word) info here in the states, I say we are not immune. Kind of scary, and crappy.

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Well, with the new college program that says college grads don't have to repay their loans, IF they WORK


for the GOV approved PROGRAMS for TEN YEARS.


So, "good Obamanites" get a free pass to success, economically weeding out those who are deemed


"not Obamanites".


And it doesn't seem so far fetched, that a Chinese-type file could be kept on students as to their "Obamination Quotient" throughout


school, on that fast track to gov service.


Crazy. But.... maybe possible one day, here in the U.S. ?

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