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An interesting note about the schedule

NW Ohio Brownie

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Saving the three mandatory divisional roadies, the Browns road schedule can't be much easier.


In ESPN's latest Power Rankings, the Browns' (ranked #28) schedule breaks down this way:


Games vs. Teams #1-10: 6

Home: 4 (Pit, Bal, SD, Min)

Away: 2 (Pit, Bal)


Games vs. Teams #11-20: 2

Home: 1 (GB)

Away: 1 (Chi)


Games vs. Teams #21-30: 8

Home: 3 (Cin, Oak, Jax)

Away: 5 (Cin, KC, Det, Den, Buf)


Those 5 road games and the 4 home games with #'s 1-10 will probably tell the tale. If the Browns can somehow get six wins out of those nine contests, then a winning record is well within reach.

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Most likely, we go 1-2 in our division road games (win in either Cincy or Balt). That means we need to take 3 of the other 5 for a .500 road record. I hate to say it, but we'd need a miracle to beat the Steelers there.

Can that be done? Maybe...we won in Buffalo last year, KC & Det are on our level (based on last season), Denver is supposedly weak this year, winning in Chicago could prove to be tough.

I really don't know how things will shake down, but it will be very interesting if we somehow are 6-5, or even 5-6 going into December, because we have 4 out of the last 5 at home. I guess I'm dreaming a bit, but if we can indeed go 6-2 at home, the playoffs are actually in reach.


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Well, we always lose to Detroit and Denver, so chalk those up as L's.



Yeah, F-in Denver. They have had our number, this season it'll be different.

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