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Leon Powe a Cav?

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This is the kind of signing that I could really get behind.


I wasn't QUITE as head over heals for the Shaq trade as some others are, but the additions of Moon, Parker and Powe are the type of additions that make you a championship team. Versatility, length, talent, and toughness.

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It looks like the last player we're looking at is a power forward. Either Joe Smith, Leon Powe, or one of two white guys who shoot 3s. And maybe a 3rd point guard.


All in all it's been a pretty underrated offseason. The Eyenga pick had me calling for Ferry's job but I think he redeemed himself in free agency. My only problem, and I know Parker and Moon are "young" for their age, but they're still getting up there...Parker probably has one or two reall productive years left, you never know when Shaq's wheels will fall off. It would've been nice to a get a good 24, 25 year old who'd be with us for the next 6 years.

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Bowen or Powe will be a Cav, I bet. The Cavs would love to get a defender like Bowen for one year. He's the kind of guy who wins you a championship.


Basketball is a year to year proposition and I wouldn't worry about age with core players like Lebron, Mo, Andy, Delonte, Boobie, and Hickson. Adding guys like Shaq, Parker, Z, Bowen, and Moon can win you a championship. Danny Green gets a year to grow, just like Hickson got.


As the Spurs OR the Celts.


True enough. Age is just my one quip about the offseason. Though I really doubt Bruce Bowen has anything left in his legs...not to mention that LeBron is almost always going to be guarding the other team's best wing player, and if he's not we have Delonte and Parker who are pretty close to shut-down defenders. I'd much rather see that roster spot go to another scorer over a defensive stopper (who seems to have lost a few steps).


But the more I think of it, it seems like Hickson is the key to this whole team going forward....LeBron aside obviously. We're not going to be able to find Shaqs every year to give us post-scoring stopgaps every year, even a guy like Z is going to be harder to replace then some would think. There's a reason the Varejaos and Chandlers of the world make the big bucks....good, even average big men are hard to find...especially those with offensive ability. If Hickson lives up to his potential, I can get on board with the dynasty talk. If/when Shaq and Z move on and Hickson is still struggling to become a starter, we could be back to square one.

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It would be a "buy low" deal. He wouldn't be back until January or February, but we're the team that led the NBA in regular season wins last year...and then added Shaq. We could theoretically afford to lose a few months of Powe to have him for the stretch run and playoffs.


The only thing that soured me on the deal is Powe asking for a player option after the first year....so we could have him for a couple months and then lose him to free agency. If we get him for a multi-year deal I'd be satisfied, but that doesn't look to be the case.


Seems to be another year of Joe Smith for us.

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Cleveland Cavaliers closing in on two-year deal with ex-Celtics forward Leon Powe

by Brian Windhorst/Plain Dealer Reporter

Monday August 10, 2009, 11:20 PM


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Thinking outside the box and taking a managed risk, the Cavaliers are close to scoring what could be a key big-man addition to their roster.

According to a source, the Cavs have the framework of a contract completed with free agent forward Leon Powe. It could become official as early as Tuesday, when Powe is expected to come to Cleveland to meet with team doctors.


Powe is in the middle of recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee and may not be able to return until the All-Star Break. But the Cavs feel like he's worth the wait.


The sides have been talking for weeks and were able to agree on a two-year contract, which will protect both sides. Powe will get a chance to rehab with a deal and the Cavs will be protected if he recovers as they apparently believe he will.


The 6-8 three-year veteran averaged 7.7 points and 4.9 rebounds for the Celtics last season. He proved valuable when Kevin Garnett went down with injury and played an important role until he suffered the injury during the playoffs.


The Celtics could have kept Powe's rights, but they declined to make him a qualifying offer in June because he's had several injuries to the left ACL. They had hoped to be able to re-sign him when he was healthy, but the Cavs were able to put together a more attractive offer.



Definitely a risk, but this team obviously isn't worried about October-February, and they shouldn't be. And really, considering who's left in the big man bargain bin, it doesn't get much better than a banged up Powe.

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