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MoMass signed


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Browns agree to terms with second-rounder Massaquoi

Posted by Aaron Wilson on July 28, 2009 3:45 PM ET


The Cleveland Browns agreed to terms today on a four-year contract with second-round wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi.


According to a league source, Massaquoi received $1.863 million in guaranteed money. That represents a 6.8 percent increase from last year, which is the highest increase in the round for a deal that includes a full guarantee for skill, injury and cap purposes.


The total maximum value of the deal is $3.636 million.


The Browns' rookies reported to training camp last Friday, the earliest reporting date in the league.


Massaquoi is slated to compete with unsigned second-round wide receiver Brian Robiskie for playing time opposite Braylon Edwards.


An All-Southeastern Conference selection and four-year starter, Massaquoi registered 58 receptions for 920 yards and eight touchdowns last season. He caught 158 career passes for 2,282 yards and 16 touchdowns.


The 6'2", 210-pounder ran the 40-yard dash in 4.49 seconds at his Pro Day campus workout.


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Good news! Now let's hope we can go into August without the distraction of holdouts. Those help neither the team nor the player.


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I thought the braylon injury was gonna extend it guys? Guess not



"The Cleveland Browns today signed wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, the second of the team’s three second-round choices in the 2009 NFL Draft, the club announced. Massaquoi was the 50th overall selection of the draft. Also on Tuesday, the Browns placed offensive lineman Marlon Davis on their Reserve/Left Squad list, and put wide receiver Braylon Edwards and cornerback Coye Francies on the Active/Non-Football Injury list.


Massaquoi started 36 of 51 games during his career at the University of Georgia (2005-08), where he recorded 158 catches for 2,282 yards and 16 touchdowns. He finished his career ranked fourth in school history in receiving yards. As a senior, he totaled 920 yards on 58 receptions, which ranks as the third-highest single-season reception figure in Bulldogs history. Massaquoi also was a first-team All-Southeastern Conference and Academic All-SEC member in 2008. He is a native of Charlotte, N.C., where he attended Independence High School."



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Massoquoi has a shot to be really, really good in this league. Great size, nice speed for that size, and I read all Spring about how he explodes in and out of his cuts. If he can keep catching the ball, he can be special.


In the land of the SEC, they say this was one of the TOP recruits in the country due to all those physical assets you mention. I know he's had to hear he never stood up to all the hype; BUT I kind of like that in the sense that he'll be one of those guys with somethign to prove. There's a TON of potential with this kid so I really enjoy reading this kid is pedal to the floor at all times in the work ethic dept.

- Tom F.

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I really diddn't like the pick nor do I see anything special from the kid, he seems like a great 4th stringer to me. 6'2? Braylon is 6'3. He ran a 4.49? Braylon ran a 4.48 and a 4.5, the kid has concentration issues just like Braylon, Mo Mass had a verticle of 36.5 inches ,Braylon 38 and 37 1/2, Wonderlic scores= Momass with a 30, Braylon with 24 (hey he did better than DA!).


So basically Momass is a slightly smarter, slower, shorter, lighter, Braylon Edwards who cant jump as high, who wasnt exactly a star in college, and who still has issues catching the ball


Im not sold, NEXT!


Robiskie on the other hand... thats our T.J. Housh right there


I love the browns, I just think this one was a mis-draft

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He diddnt run a sub 4.45, he ran a sub 4.5.


I hope the kid does great, and I never said his stats were a negative, you drew that conclusion when I said he was Edwards esque but lesser. I thought we could've done better in the second round overall. Im just not sold on MoMass because of his focus issues due to the troubles we've had with Braylon.


FYI, I have an Edwards jersey, he is one of my favs. I just think if we were goig to go 2 WR's in the 2nd, we should have taken someone like Kenny Britt. Im spoiled by being a sub-fan of Arizona (I liked them before their superbowl run I had boldin/warner in fantasy) and their double #1 WR threat of Boldin and Fitz. I just think we should follow suit and start 2 1st round recivers (Robiskie counts as he was projected round 1 in many mock drafts. MoMass wasnt even the number one reciever at his own school, Im just saying we need to look at history before we get googly eyed.


His stats are nice (some better than ROBO) now lets see him back them up

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But would you rather of had Britt, (who in my opinion is going to be a superstar one day)?


The main reason I diddn't like the MoMass pick is because we honestly diddn't need to draft 2 WR's in the second, if you are a team that needs 2 WR's in the second, you couldve done better than MoMass, we ended up scooping up Furey, and Im telling you all that you havent seen the last of Paul Hubbard, he actually ended up getting a positive mention in an article a few weeks ago, if you want to talk about size, speed, and hops that kid is a freak, He makes some crazy circus catches like Braylon, he just needs to learn to adjust to the ball better and run routes. Those in my opinion are very coachable, Hubbards drops have more to do with body position than actual catching, if you see some of this kids all hand catches theyre rediculous. Whereas I hear MoMass drops easy ones due to concentration lapse, something we havent been able to coach Braylon out of completely.


I agree with you Shep, the kid has GREAT potential, and he is VERY coachable, but the question is, are his FAULTS coachable?

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Guest Aloysius

Massaquoi's official electronic 40 times at the Combine were 4.66 and 4.70, though he did run a 4.49 at his pro day. His playing speed is somewhere in between (probably closer to 4.49).


Not sure why he's had trouble catching the ball, and the issue didn't go away last year. Could be that it's a vision issue: he does wear a visor (LASIK, anyone?). But he also looks a little stiff when going after errant throws, which signals that there may be an athleticism issue.


Hopefully, he grows out of those issues during his "redshirt" rookie year.

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