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Sunshine [2007]

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The sun is dying and with it the earth too.


The sun is slowly fading away and the earth is not receiving enough heat from the sun (Al gore detractors will rejoice). So earth decides to make a mother of all nuclear bomb and send it to the sun to revitalize the sun. So the firs space ship is sent with the payload. however nothing is heard back from them.


So earth decides to send a second and final shuttle the Icarus 2 to attempt to do the same thing. Icarus 2 starts the journey well until it comes near mercury where it spots Icarus 1 just floating there. The ships crew decide tht it is better to use 2 bombs instead of one and decide to plat a course to Icarus 1. From then on starts the trouble and the film is all about how they manage to complete the mission.


The movie is very well directed by Danny Boyle. The movie is a mix between scifi-drama and murder and is shot with a relatively low budget. The acting and the story line however more than make up for it. It is worth one watch. I was pleasantly surprised to see it. But the movie is slow, so be warned.

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