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Wednesday AM Practice

Guest Aloysius

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Guest Aloysius

Abe Elam's made more plays on the ball during the past few days than he did all last season:


Abram Elam on Robert Royal like a cheap suit; steps in front of him and knocks ball away. (link)

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Apparently DA threw his second one to Braylon unless the first one was from Quinn because it was the second TD for Braylon today according to this website.


Aug 5 2009 | 10:05:48 am

Browns WR Braylon Edwards continues to show no rust from missing the first four days of practice. He just leaped over DB Gerard Lawson to snag a TD pass from Derek Anderson.



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Wimbley's playing TE.


I saw that. The tweets are going strong and fast...great today!


I'm following DawgScooper and theObr and it updates every few seconds. I have an Auto Refresher set on my browser to refresh every 30 seconds.


DawgScooper just said that the morning practice just ended.


This is fun!

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Guest Aloysius

I'm hearing a lot of good things about this kid:


Aug 5 2009 | 10:43:55 am

Browns rookie free agent LB Marcus Bernard just made the hit of the day on a running play to conclude practice.

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In addition to TheOBR, here's a fan/blogger covering the morning practice on Twitter:




This guy tweeted the QB's looks the same. Hot/Cold. Both of them again this morning.


He's going to post an update later.


These Twitter dudes are going to start pissing off the bloggers just like the bloggers pissed of print media. What comes around...

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Apparently DA threw his second one to Braylon unless the first one was from Quinn because it was the second TD for Braylon today according to this website.






Cleveland Browns


By Marty Gitlin

Email a question to Marty Gitlin


-Aug 5 2009 | 10:43:55 am

Browns rookie free agent LB Marcus Bernard just made the hit of the day on a running play to conclude practice.


-Aug 5 2009 | 10:40:49 am

Browns veteran TE Aaron Walker did himself no favors by dropping a short pass in the end zone from Derek Anderson in game simulation.

Aug 5 2009 | 10:35:16 am


-Veteran Rex Hadnot continues to receive plenty of reps at LG, calling into question incumbent Eric Steinbach's hold on that position for the Browns. Coach Eric Mangini prefers OL bulk and Hadnot has 20 pounds on Steinbach.


Aug 5 2009 | 10:33:48 am

Browns QB Brady Quinn has looked a bit sharper on his short throws today. He has been slightly outperformed by Derek Anderson in camp so far

It's just his 2 cents, but then again he's there and we're all stuck at the day-job.



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How's the heat in Berea?


I always think of Corey Stringer dying in Minn. every time camp rolls around.




We haven't even hit summer yet in ohio. Usually this time of the year it is over 90 degree's AND humidity.



I think the daily average is about 80 right now.

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Let me remind you guys that get all got and bothered by a QB throwing a pick in "camp". Not all picks are their fault. Example today of Quinn's pick by Francies:


By Grossi:


"• Brady Quinn was intercepted when his pass for Mohamed Massaquoi into the end zone deflected off Massaquoi's stomach...."



So, it hits him right in the stomach...which is pretty close to the numbers last time I checked and then bounces up to a pick? But, it ends up in the paper or message boards as "Oh no, he threw another pick, his throws are way off."


This goes both ways for each QB... unless you're there and see the pick or get details on why and how it happened, don't assume it was a "bad" pass.



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Aug 5 2009 | 12:24:49 pm

Browns rookie free agent Jordan Norwood has been used on kick returns in camp. He said he prefers punt returning, but added that he is anxious to perform well on kickoff returns as well in trying to land a roster spot.


Aug 5 2009 | 12:19:53 pm

Browns WR Braylon Edwards rejected the claim that coach Eric Mangini sidelined him early in camp as punishment for arriving one day late. "It's the complete opposite," he said. "I respect coach Mangini. In fact, I think he was just taking care of me."


Aug 5 2009 | 12:18:38 pm

Browns backup QB Brett Ratliff said he was told he would be competing for the starting job with the Jets this year. That was, of course, before the drafting of Mark Sanchez and his trade to Cleveland.




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nice little updates:


Francies just picked Quinn



• Brady Quinn was intercepted when his pass for Mohamed Massaquoi into the end zone deflected off Massaquoi's stomach as his knees were hitting the ground. Cornerback Coye Francies made the interception.




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Just read on OBR that Mangini seems to really like Titus Brown and he's even plugged him in with the ones a couple times. Didn't hear what position though: He came out of college as a pass rusher but we read a blurb earlier in the summer that he might move to ILB.


Same article also said a lot of nice things about Alex Hall.


Maybe Mangini is trying to get pass rushers in different spots. I kinda like the idea, so that way the other offense wont know where the blitz is coming from

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Day 5 Practice Notes

By Fred Greetham

Posted Aug 5, 2009


Fred brings the latest news and notes from Berea, including a second-year LB looking to make the leap to the next level.




Berea - What a difference a year makes.


For second-year linebacker Alex Hall, it makes all the difference in the world.


Hall, who turns just 24 on Aug. 17, was a seventh-round draft choice from St. Augustine College in 2008. He was termed as a developmental player by former Browns' general manager Phil Savage.


However, Hall made the team and appeared in all 16 games, including two starts. Hall had 26 tackles, including three sacks. He also had a forced fumble.


Hall is challenging to be the starting outside linebacker opposite of Kamerion Wimbley. He is battling unrestricted free agent signee David Bowens, among others.


I want to do what the coaches want me to do, Hall said. Anyway I can contribute, whether it's on special teams or whatever, I'm willing to do it.


Hall has shown he can be productive on special teams as he had 12 special team tackles in 2008.


Hall has a tall, slender frame at 6-5, 250 pounds. He said the coaching staff has spent a lot of time helping him to get stronger.


I feel I can always get better, Hall said. I've focused more on my strength this past year. The training staff put together an individualized plan for me.


Eric Mangini thinks Hall can get stronger as he physically develops.


Alex has excellent speed and has ability to rush the passer, Mangini said. He's worked hard to build up and fill up his frame. I don't know where he started last year, but where he was when we met him, he has made excellent progress.


One of the aspects that Mangini has emphasized is being able to be versatile. Both Hall and Wimbley have been playing at multiple positions and Hall feels he's adjusting to it.


We have a lot of multiple looks, Hall said. We move around quite a bit and that's been the biggest difference from last year's scheme.


A lot of people are in different positions seeing how they fit in.


Hall had his first career sack against the Ravens in the third game last year. That started a three-game streak where he picked up as sack also against the Bengals and the Giants in consecutive weeks. He sacked Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bengals and forced a fumble deep in Bengals territory which resulted in a Browns score.


If felt good because a lot of people didn't expect much from me last year.


Hall has shown he has the potential to be a pass rusher, but he needs to show he can be an all-around player.


Pass rushing is only one phase of the game, Mangini said. You have to be stout against the run and be able to drop back into coverage, among other things.


Hall said that he feels much more comfortable in his second year. He also feels that having players that have played for Mangini in the past has really helped him.


The game is slowing down for me, he said. I've been able to learn from guys who played for coach because they understand what he wants to do.


Stallworth Meets Goodell: WR Donte Stallworth is scheduled to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell this afternoon concerning Stallworth's indefinite suspension from the league according to several sources. Stallworth was released from jail last month after a 30-day prison sentence for DUI manslaughter in Florida. It is unknown what the Browns will do if Stallworth is reinstated in the future. The Browns have said they will let the league handle the suspension on their time frame. Stallworth is expected to plead his case to be able to rejoin the Browns. He is currently barred from practicing or working out with the team. Michael Vick's suspension was lifted by Goodell in the couple of weeks.


Mangini wouldn't either confirm or deny that Stallworth was meeting with Goodell.


I have no knowledge of that, but it's a league matter, Mangini said. Once the league makes a determination, we'll make a decision.


New Names: Mangini talked of two young players that aren't household names, such as LB Titus Brown and DB Gerard Lawson. Brown has taken a couple of reps with the first team.


He's doing a nice job, Mangini said. He's taking reps and learning.


Brown was signed as a free agent to the Browns' practice squad last year before being added to the active roster for the final four games. Lawson appeared in 15 games after making the team as an undrafted free agent from Oregon State.


You have to figure a way to get noticed and (Lawson) has done a nice job of doing that, Mangini said.


Hall of Famers Speak: Mangini said he had Browns Hall of Famers Paul Warfield and Jim Brown address the team on Tuesday night.


It's a great thing for me to have great guys like that to spend time and talk with the team, Mangini said. Those guys have a wealth of information and can be so beneficial to our players. Having those guys close to our team is very helpful.


Brown is an Executive Advisor with the team, while Warfield is a Special Assignment Scout/Advisor to the General Manager.


Mangini was asked if he felt the players knew much about the duo.


When they walked into the room, it was silent, Mangini said. For our players to hear them helps them appreciate their history.


Quick Hits: FB Charles Ali and DB Don Carey missed the morning practice, WR Braylon Edwards made two outstanding catches in 7-on-7 drills in his first practice back. One was a leaping grab on a lob by QB Derek Anderson over DB Gerard Lawson, Anderson bootlegged for a touchdown around right end in goal line situations, Rookie C Alex Mack had a nice pancake block.



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This picture must be from last year because he is #51 this year. It's taking me a while to adjust to it because Bowens is bigger than him so the first couple times I saw #96 I thought, "wow he has gotten a lot bigger!" :lol:

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Grossi's take. Hadnot was on the first team line in front of Steinbach, who became the second team LT. Hubbard and Massoquoi seemed to be ahead of Robiskie.




Information being reported is great to read especially on days where you can't get up to camp and watch for yourseld. But, everyone knows there is no depth chart yet and the fact that Hadnot is playing LG today has no more signifgence then The other day when Womack was at RG and Tucker at RT. Same with the WRs. There's only one way to find out what a guy brings to the table and that's throw him in and see what he does.


I think when the media mentions some packages we tend to read a little too much into it. Robo's lack of reps with the 1s was a message from Mangini. doesn't mean nayone moved ahead of him because he has been the most impressive WR in camp. Hubbard has played well for two days and they need to see if he is for real. Playing Hadnot at LG doesn't mean that Steinbach has done anything but good things. Hadnot has also spent days woth the 2s at center and also at RG. Steinbach has spent some time at both tackles. Tucker has spent time at RG and RT. That doesn't mean that St Clair or Foster are behind him. Mangini is looking at goupings and looking at flexability. He needs to know that if he has to move Steinbach to RT then Hadnot can pick up the slack at LG. He also needs to know if Steinbach can play LT because he may not be able to keep both Foster and St. Clair.


This is a week of seeing where all the pieces fit and what happens when a piece comes out. I think it is great that he is interchanging his pieces and looking at where his depth is and what positions may still need some upgrade.


But, I wouldn't put much into the fact that Hadnot was at LG today and Robo was behind Masso and Hubbard.


Mangini will be the first to say,"there isn't a first team yet". They will put out their first depth chart next week and then we should have a better idea of what the real position battles are in camp.

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