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The AARP alienates seniors with support for Obama's Health Fiasco Bill


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Watch this - this is really disturbing. And there is a hell of a lot of reason to oppose this


health care bill. And yes, it is about political control and restrictions of freedoms on Americans.


Especially senior citizens.


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yes, this bill is about control.


'cept, when you can't wait for your turn to speak like an adult, no one will care to listen to you.


when the GOP stops acting like a buncha 9 years old brats on the school yard, perhaps people would take you seriously.

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That's fine, Code Pink boy. Be as partisan as you like.


But those were senior citizens who were DISRESPECTED by trying to


tell them they agreed with her, when they sure as hell didn't.


That is offensive, and the "speaker" was a partisan hack,


and behaved like Obama - an arrogant who-gives-a-flying-fickle-about-you




So, to you, free speech is fine unless you decide you don't like the free speech.


Then it should be shut down.


Say, you must be a liberal Dem Obumbly Kool-aid drinker.


Then you are part of the problem.





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Us too.


And say, Dems are upset about arguing? getting too much attention at town hall meetings when


they should shut up and be led around by the ear?


It was fine by Obama and Obamanite cult followers when Obama said this:



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