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TRail of corruption - the Obama Mafia


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Don't believe me? Check this out:




The SEIU has one of their executives as Obama's political director.


Now, in Mo., a man who was at a health bill town hall and was attacked and injured,


(he was black, fwiw), by a Union thug from that union.


Crime? For selling and giving away American flags and pins, and little


items saying "Don't tread on me".


The Obama Mafia Brownshirts have arrived. The stink is permeating our country.


And Dems, Ind's, and Reps alike, aren't drinking the kool-aid anymore, if they ever did.


Saw his interview on Fox News. The thug was wearing an SEIU t-shirt.


Then two other union members joined in, as well as a woman who was kicking him in the head,


while he was on the ground.


The nazi brownshirt comparison just got legs over and above denial.

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This dosn't suprise me at all, we now have a Thug running our country.



You can dress him up and put him in some of the finest schools throw him on Oprah, but he is nothing more than a Chicagoland Gangster Thug who called upon the unions and Acorn to come after all of those who oppose his Obamacare Bill.



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Look Dan, dev up the nads to comment on the SUBSTANCE of the thread.


Do you deny it happened?


Do you deny they were wearing SEIU tshirts?


Do you deny that Obama's political director was an executive


with SEIU?


Do you deny that Obama has a long history with SEIU?


SEIU = the worst of ACORN = Obama's corrup[tion.


Come on. Denial time is over. Reality of what's really going on is coming up fast, Dan.

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Obama hires another crook


the Free Enterprise Project calls on President Obama to dismiss General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt from the president's Economic Recovery Advisory Board because of the findings revealed in a settlement between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and GE. The SEC said, "GE bent the accounting rules beyond the breaking point" and "GE misapplied the accounting rules to cast its financial results in a better light." The SEC complaint cited four separate accounting violations one of which "allowed GE to avoid missing analysts' final consensus EPS expectations." Importantly, all the accounting irregularities occurred while Jeff Immelt served as CEO.


"It's outrageous for President Obama to keep Immelt as an advisor when the SEC charged that GE engaged in a series of efforts to manipulate earnings to mislead investors. The pattern of corruption raised by the SEC is deeply concerning and during a time of economic crisis, the last thing America needs is a Bernie Madoff type CEO giving advice to the president," said Tom Borelli PhD, Director of the Free Enterprise Project.


GE agreed to pay $ 50 million to settle the fraudulent accounting charges without admitting or denying any wrongdoing.

"The deliberate manipulation of financial data to mislead shareholders about earnings, if true, is fraud and Immelt must be held accountable. Not only should Obama dismiss Immelt from his advisory capacity but GE's board of directors should immediately seek his resignation from the company," added Borelli.


"Given the nature of the SEC charges, Obama should question the motivation and truthfulness of everything Immelt says including the company's support of cap-and-trade legislation. Immelt's support of cap-and-trade has nothing to do with a concern for the planet but everything to do with setting government mandates to purchase renewable energy products such as GE wind turbines."


"If Immelt misled shareholders about earnings he could easily mislead the president on everything from climate change to health care."




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Come on, liberals on the board.


NOTHING of SUBSTANCE on this issue?




How about it, Dan. Didn't you watch the video on this issue?


How on earth can anybody with a heart ignore this issue?

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Poor "gal",

Not getting enough attention lately? Dan



Dan translation:



"My mindsies is in Egyptsies, so I pretend Obama's SEIU union thugs never did what they did, because if I have to admit Obama is a thug, too, I will have mega-weepsies in my sleepsies"


And, Dan, do NOT ask me why I used "Egyptsies".

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Now Obama is even using the police as his thugs.


Welcome to Omerica.

the new bananna republic



ACORN in favor of Barack Obama’s proposed government-run health care. And what she had just witnessed, as the officer led the offending man away who had dared speak to the activist, was nothing short of the disruption of free speech, of the press, and of the right to assemble—by the police.



As reported by the Examiner, “Things took a surprising and dangerous turn when a police officer, clearly sympathetic to the ACORN rally, attempts to shut down the opposition. At one point, during a very civil discussion between an opponent and a supporter of the president’s plan, the police officer returned and actually told the individuals opposing the president’s plan they were not allowed to speak.


read the News HERE

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We have been witnessing the Left's culture war to take power.


Now, only the Left's extreme arrogance will cause the Left to


refuse to let go of the power they have now.


Obama = Chavez = Selaya?


Well, the first two leftists certainly 100 % support the third leftist.


I really believe our country is in for big trouble.

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