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AUG 8 Saturday's Browns Camp - Twitter Highlights

Dan in Florida

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I think that's about it for practice...I'm going to get a beer. Later B)


NON-TWEET RapidReports

3:19:30 pm WR Braylon Edwards continues to flourish since joining practice. He sped to great separation from CB Brandon McDonald and caught a TD pass from Derek Anderson in game simulation to end today's session


cdotcombrowns <Cleveland Plain Dealer Twitter - Mary Kay Cabot

syndric steptoe was just carted off the field with an unknown injury. mkcabot



RT @doncarey: thanks to everyone for you support. I really appreciate the love. I will be fine. Goodbye to browns fans and HELLO Jax!


NON-TWEET RapidReports

2:57:44 pm The experiment of moving LB Kamerion Wimbley around to improve his overall game and particularly his pash rush has garnered mixed results. "There have been some bumps there, but I think it's helping him," said Browns coach Eric Mangini.


2:55:35 pm Rookie LB David Veikune was one player singled out by Browns coach Eric Mangini for praise during his press conference Saturday. "He's athletic, he's a very stout player and moves well laterally," said the coach



Offensive and defensive drills. Because of the rain and big scrimmage, just taking their time going through the walkthroughs.



Team sources have hinted to us that Hadnot's injury wasn't as bad as it appeared. Now PFT is reporting it's just an MCL tear.



Most of the media is a ways off the tent, out of the rain. So if you ever think the media isn't smart enough to stay out of the rain...


NON-TWEET RapidReports

2:51:17 pm Reports have circulated that DL Shaun Smith prompted his release through an argument yesterday with DL coach Bryan Cox.


2:49:12 pm The Browns have struggled throughout camp to score in the two-minute drill, but QB Derek Anderson just led the offense downfield and capped the drive with a scoring strike to TE Robert Royal.


2:47:53 pm The steady rain at Browns camp has turned into a downpour.


2:46:42 pm If rookie WR Mohamed Massaquoi isn't leading the Browns in TDs in this camp, he's close. He just snagged another one and remains a possible starter.


2:42:27 pm The waiving of Shaun Smith might solidify one starting DE spot for Kenyon Coleman. If Coleman is set, Robaire Smith, C.J. Mosley and Corey Williams will likely fight for the othr DE spot.



No hitting, no contact. This practice is all about recognition, positioning, communication. Everything is at quarter-speed.


NON-TWEET RapidReports

2:40:52 pm Browns coach Eric Mangini said that every player on the roster will receive an opportunity to perform in Sunday's Family Day scrimmage.


2:33:43 pm Play-action passing has been a focus for the Browns today. The team could benefit from a strong play-action because of their emphasis on a power running attack.


2:30:30 pm Browns coach Eric Mangini indicated that he would leave the door open to bring back waived DL Shaun Smith.


2:27:33 pm Only a smattering of fans have attended Browns camp today. Most are huddled under umbrellas.


2:27:09 pm The Browns have lost DB Don Carey permanently when Jacksonville picked him up off injury waivers.


2:25:57 pm Despite conflicting reports on the specific nature of the injury to OL Rex Hadnot's left knee and the length of time he will be sidelined, the Browns continue to decline comment.



Ryan Tucker is with the second and third team during walkthroughs. Other than possible depth chart hints, little to report.


NON-TWEET RapidReports

2:23:09 pm Browns coach Eric Mangini said that the installation of plays both offensively and defensively has been completed and that the focus in camp will now be strictly on execution.


2:19:16 pm The Browns are holding a light practice in preparation for their team scrimmage tomorrow.



TE/FB: Vickers at fullback, of course. Royal in there a little more in the basic set. On passing sets, we see more Aaron Walker.


NON-TWEET RapidReports

2:18:36 pm Browns coach Eric Mangini confirmed that the Browns waived veteran DL Shaun Smith to create a roster spot, but wouldn't indicate the new player to be signed.


2:13:22 pm In a surprise move, the Browns have waived DL Shaun Smith. Smith started 19 games for the team over the last two seasons. He registered 110 tackles, including 50 solos during that time, but just two sacks.


1:46:03 pm It is raining at Browns camp for the first time. The team has opted to practice outdoors anyway.



First team: Thomas, Steinbach, Mack, Womack, St. Clair. They're rotating Fraley and Mack at Center during walk-thru. Tucker on second team.



A hint? Meaningful? Meaningless? Lewis and James Davis keep rotating in and out with the first team during the walkthrough.



Interesting: The receivers lining up with the first-team offense are Edwards, Furrey and Massaquoi.



Not sure if this means anything, but DA is walking through with the first-team offense, while Quinn is with the rest.



We've also been informed that practice will not run as long this afternoon.



Bryan Cox is off working with first-team front seven, a quieter experience sans Shaun Smith.



The first-team offense has gone to one field, and the second-and-thirds are on another field with the D Here's who is with the firsts...



They are getting ready for Sunday's scrimmage mostly, and we've heard that they will get at it more then.



Practice has slowed to Crennelian speed. Team is going through their installs, making sure players know their responsibilities. No hitting.



The team is still mostly standing around in groups, being wet. Looks like special teams drills are coming up.



Hard core: A few hundred die-hard Browns are here, watching practice in the consistent and sort of cold rain. Gotta love it.



May not be a ton of info to come out of this practice. With the rain, the team is doing walk-throughs, which are never as news- creating.



The Browns are practicing outdoors today. In the rain. And it's not a trivial rain.


Tweets start above /\



Training Camp Upcoming Schedule


Aug. 8 SAT 1:30 - 3:30 PM

Aug. 9 SUN Family Day - Kickoff 1:00 PM

Aug. 11 TUE (1) 8:45 - 10:45 AM (2) 5:45 - 7:45 PM

Aug. 12 WED 1:30 - 3:30 PM

Aug. 13 THU 1:30 - 3:30 PM



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This from our Tweeter (DawgScooper):




Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Week One Recap: Surprising Players

Written by Daniel Wolf




Training Camp audiences have been known to be highly critical of their players, while also cheering and heckling as if it were a regular season game in the NFL.


On Saturday August 1, the Browns held their first training camp practice which was open to the public.


There were almost 3,000 fans in attendance.


There were fans yelling out to the defensive coaches, “We want to win against Pittsburgh.”


With replies from the coaches, “We want to win them all!”


Also, on Saturday's first practice, the was a single word that was consistently being whispered throughout the crowd, and that word was organized.


All of the practices have been just that, very organized.


It is really hard to tell what players are up and coming and which may not make the final roster because there is no real tackling at all.


There are a few players that need to be highlighted because of their surprising performances on the field after one week of practices.




Rookie RB James Davis – Davis has shown why he was such a great player at Clemson his sophomore and junior years. Explosive speed through the holes combined with the ability to power his way past arm tackles and some nifty moves that have made Browns defenders miss tackles have put Davis on the radar. He has made the crowds gasp many times in camp already with his polished running technique, and seems to record a 25+ play during each practice session.




Wide Receiver Lance Leggett – Leggett has shown the ability to consistently go up to get the ball and come down with it in his possession no matter how tight the defensive coverage has been. Blessed with great size at six foot three inches and 205 pounds, Leggett has also shown great body control and concentration while on the field. His 80+ yards touchdown bomb from Brady Quinn had the crowd in a frenzy on Monday morning.




Linebacker Alex Hall – Over the last four to five practices Hall has become a force in the pass rush. He is constantly getting to the pocket to either flush the quarterback out or to just cause added pressure. In Friday morning's practice, Hall recorded three sacks during scrimmages and drills.




Wide Receiver Paul Hubbard – Hubbard has stepped up his game since Monday and has been able to haul down pass after pass. His breaks and moves have given him the chance to get open out of tight man-to-man coverage. It will be tough to make the final roster at receiver with so many other receivers trying to make the team too, but if Hubbard can keep up his performance then there might be a spot waiting for him come September.




Linebacker David Veikune – When the Browns drafted Veikune in the second round of the NFL Draft, many experts were confused as to why Mangini decided to draft him so high. So far in camp he has shown why Mangini had to have him in the second round. Initially thought to play as an outside linebacker, Veikune has been spending most of his time as a inside linebackers with the second team defensive unit. He was advertised as having a strong motor and love to make contact. In practice, not only has Veikune been near of part of almost every play that comes his way, but he has also shown the ability to get pressure on the quarterback and he has recorded a few sacks along the way.




Cornerback Rod Hood – Many believe that Mangini brought in Hood because he may not be comfortable with both Brandon McDonald and Eric Wright. So far Wright had been very strong in man-to-man coverage and McDonald has had his good moments too, but Hood has been excellent in his tight coverage and has a couple picks of which one went for a score.




Linebacker Kamerion Wimbley – Even though he is not really a surprising player, what has surprised is where Wimbley has been lining up all over the field on defense and offense. From tight end, outside linebacker, inside linebacker and defensive end. Mangini has been outspoken regarding Wimbley playing many different positions, but who would have though on offense too. Just think of the role New England Patriot linebacker Mike Vrabel played while with them. He was a very successful situational linebacker and did play some tight end too during goal line packages and he even caught a few touchdown passes. The same might be in Wimbley's future.


Overall, these individual players have looked superb on the field, but on gameday it is a whole different story. Hopefully, the guys can continue their success when the first game of the preseason rolls around on August 15.

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2:51:17 pm Reports have circulated that DL Shaun Smith prompted his release through an argument yesterday with DL coach Bryan Cox.

Really? Interesting.



The experiment of moving LB Kamerion Wimbley around to improve his overall game and particularly his pash rush has garnered mixed results. "There have been some bumps there, but I think it's helping him," said Browns coach Eric Mangini

The guy needs to be a killer, and he isn't.


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The right side is settling in with Womack/St. Clair. Kind of a surprise because we all thought Tucker would be in one slot. I know it's still early.

Two weeks ago I had the OL as JT, Eric, Mack, Tucker, Foster.......I now think it will be JT, Eric, Mack, Tucker, St Clair.


Womack is a beast, but is he better @ G than Tucker? Honestly I don't know. Tucker would be an incredible guy off the bench if he is the odd man out.

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Interesting about James Davis. If the guy keeps this going in preseason, he may take the first snap. Unreal.

Man I suck at digging up stats, but didn't this kid have 1 fumble his entire career @ Clemson? Holy shit can you imagine him starting - a 6th round pick?


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