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Are any of the posters here on this forum the people to go to Browns games and chant for Brady?? I admit I did at the only preseason game I went to LAST year. (against the Lions) I knew that Anderson was better than Frye but I was afraid I wouldn't get a chance to see what Quinn could do. I have been to 7 Browns games since then and I have never once chanted for Brady... I was at the Steelers game this year and while dissapointed I never chanted or did anything that I thought would help the Browns lose. In fact I was very dissapointed by what many of the Browns fans were doing. Some even tried to pick a fight with me in a bathroom!! None of the Steelers fans did this. In fact most of them were polite and wished us a good game. I know that we are all frustrated with the way this team has been since it came back but we really need to grow up! It is a fact that Anderson has not been performing well and I know it's for many reasons. I see no reason at this point in the season to not put in Brady. Let's see what we've got there and go with it! Wear your Jerzeys, cheer for your team and have a good time tomorrow! Don't be a bunch of sour grapes because everything is not going you/our way. We'll get our day, every dog has one. It just takes a true fan to stick out all the bullshit and not bail or bash our team at every misfortune. (I admit I ranted about Anderson earlier this week but that's just because a switch was needed and I was afraid they weren't even going to give it a try.)

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