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Mangini Post Scrimmage Comments


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Post-scrimmage quotes from Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini



(Opening statement)- "How's everybody doing? We had a really productive day. I enjoyed the fact that we got the weather that we got. We really haven't gotten much heat throughout camp but at any point, that could change. It was a good reminder to us how important it is, we're always emphasizing hydrating, but a day like today really reinforces that. We'll get those weather shifts in the different places that we play throughout the preseason. It was fun to have the fans that we had there and be able to visit with them a little bit after the game, the whole team be able to visit with them, and spend some time with them and thank them for coming out to this early event.


"I liked the amount of situations that we got. As I said before the game, you don 't know what's going to come up, but there's going to be a bunch of them. Some we've practice, some we haven't, and how we respond to them is ultimately going to affect how the game goes. We saw that throughout the course of this game, the shifts between momentum, being up, being tied, Brown taking a lead, White having a chance there at the end, the missed field goal, all those different things that go into any weeks' game. There is a lot to coach off of, a lot to teach off of and a really good start for us here, leading into next week."



(On what the first play says about Brady Quinn)- "You always like to start the game that way, if you're the team on the good side of that pass. I was over on Brown sideline during that play and that was an example of where you have to stay high on the receiver to cover. I think there might have been a little bit of a stutter, from the receiver, to freeze the defensive back, and Brady cut it loose. I thought it was an excellent way to kick it off. It was a really good example of how quickly one team can get momentum in a game."


(On the quarterback play)- "I thought both guys had their moments on the plus side and on the side that we need to continue to work on. I'm not used to seeing D.A. (Derek Anderson) as a scrambler there, that scramble there into the end zone on that third down play. I'm sure he'd want that interception back that he had. I think it was in the first quarter. Brady's interception there, to set up points, for Brown, ended up being the game- winning field goal there. Both those plays, they'd like to have back. They moved the team different times, with different levels of effectiveness. I'll be able to get a better gauge as we watch the tape. I thought Ratty (Brett Ratliff) did a nice job in his opportunities, hitting (David) Patten for those two deep balls. There were some good things."


(On Josh Cribbs' development as a wide receiver)- "He's made progress each week. I like the way that he can get open. He's a strong player, so at the break point he's able to gain some separation. He just needs to continue to refine the routes, continue to see the covers unfold. As he starts to build in his routes, know what the exact adjustment is. Those are feel things, those are experience things and we give him a lot of reps during camp. He got a lot of reps here today, and he'll continue to get a lot of reps. If he works the way he has, he should make strides."


(On the run blocking)- "It' s tough in a game like this, where there isn't tackling, to run the ball effectively. Both offensive coordinators, I think, went to where they can get the more yards, although Noah (Herron) split that one against blitz coverage. Most of the time, when you do these types of scrimmages, it ends up being more of a pass overall game then a run overall game."


(On if Rob Ryan focused on trying to take Braylon Edwards out of the offense)- "We're going to get some approach, there's going to be some philosophical approach as to how to beat us. The important thing is the players that do have singled up coverage, those are opportunities, those are windows to get more passes and to win against man-to-man coverage or single coverage. We'll be able to do some things with him to move him around, where you can't always count on him to be in the same place, to free up some things. Every week, it's going to be some type of adjustment that we're going to have. Some of it we'll be ready for. Some of it will be game plan specific that we go over on the sideline, talk about and then have to react to it."


(On what he said to Derek Anderson after his penalty)- "It's important that you focus on the task at hand. The officials are going to be officiating the game and they're not going to change their minds based on any amount of lobbying, any amount of discussion. It doesn't happen. It's not a debate. Their rule is final. We were just talking about the importance of focusing on what you have to do in that play, don't worry about the officials. That's something I'll talk to the whole team about. Those guys are doing the best job they can. We're going to like the calls sometimes. We're not going to like them sometimes. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. It is what it is. We have to move forward. Don't waste anytime debating."


(On Coye Francies' growth)- " He got a little bit of a later start, starting camp on PUP like he did. There are some good things that he did here today. He is an aggressive player and sometimes too aggressive. One of the things that he and I have talked about, is the importance of covering with your feet, with understanding the illegal contact rule in the NFL and where you can jam, where you can't jam. That's a little bit of a transition for college corners and you get that feel. It's not just understanding the rule, it's getting a feel in press man coverage, of when you have to lay off with the hands and when you can keep going."


(On Mohamed Massaquoi)- "I'm not sure how many catches he had. He had an amazing catch a couple days ago in the red zone, a one-handed 'Jordan' grab. He's got really good ability. He's a young guy. I'm sure both those guys appreciate being in the stadium, being in the locker room, going through this experience, looking around. Now, the first time they come in here, hopefully some of those nerves, butterflies, uncertainty, all the things that go along with playing in a new place, maybe we've taken a little bit of that away, because they have experience to some degree. "


(On D'Qwell Jackson)- "He got D.A. (Derek Anderson) on the same type of ball in OTAs. I don't know if he's got that pattern down or what he saw. It looked like a repeat of a play that we had in the spring. He's got great instincts. He has a great feel for where the ball goes. He works at understanding the blocking schemes, understanding what the offense is trying to get done. As he grows in that area, combined with natural instincts, I think he'll keep doing a great job both in the run and passing game."


(On how D'Qwell Jackson sees the game)- "I really like his work ethic. I like his approach. He is very serious. This is all business, all the time for him and that's what you want. That's what you want from all your players. He still is a young player, so that realization hits different guys at different times and he's got it."


(On if Fred Weary was signed because of Red Hadnot's injury)- "It was to add some depth to the offensive line. That was the main thing that we were looking to do. We worked him out and liked the workout. He kind of got thrown in the fire, because we signed him later yesterday. We shoved him in a meeting room, and then joined the white team and away he went. He's got experience to draw on. George (Warhop) will have to spend extra time with him. He went from not playing, to in a scrimmage. I didn't notice him, so he did a good job."


(On Lance Leggett)- "Lance lived in the meeting rooms when we first got here. He was up every day. He wanted the information. He wanted the playbook. He wanted all those things and he worked at it. It's good to see all that hard work translate into being able to make some plays. He's got good vertical speed. There are some things that he needs to improve on, in terms of route running and getting off the press, and things like that, that we've been focusing on with all our receivers. He responds to it. He's very coachable."


(On Alex Mack's performance)- "That's a tough day, when you draw Shaun (Rogers), it exposes you . I like the fact that we had limited pre-snap penalties. That was something that I was looking for, because that's tied into focus and discipline. I thought there was only one false start and one encroachment. I'm not looking for one false start and one encroachment game, I like zero and zero, but typically, this time of year, in an environment like this, you have a few more, so I was pleased with that. Alex had a lot of responsibility today. He had to make calls, had to make adjustments, had to run the no huddle. He's not going to run any laps today. He's got to be in great shape from all the extra work he does."


(On Derek Anderson playing with the first team)- "I'll look at it this week and decide a little bit later in the week."


(On Syndric Steptoe's agent's allegations regarding his injury)- "I didn't talk to Syndric Steptoe's agent. I don't know what he said. I know that the practice that we had planned is exactly the practice that we executed yesterday. Seventy-nine other guys were able to practice effectively. Really, the play that he was injured on, laying out for the ball, I don't think it had anything to do with the elements."


(On how Steptoe got hurt)- "He really laid out for the ball. It was a great effort play. He just wasn't able to bring the ball in. It was in typical Syndric style. He always gives that type of effort. He was trying to go up and get the ball."

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