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It was reported wrong!


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This is what happens when people take internet stories and believe every word.


BEREA, Ohio (AP) -- Eric Mangini says his Cleveland Browns quarterbacks are competing, not cheating.


The radio transmitter inside Derek Anderson's helmet wasn't working in a Sunday scrimmage, so he used hand signals to relay plays. Anderson joked after the scrimmage that Brady Quinn told the defense what all the signals meant.


Reporters at the scrimmage saw the two players laughing about it.


But that didn't head off several online reports suggesting Quinn was using underhanded tactics to win the starting job.


Mangini could only shake his head.


"Those guys are competitive and they're friends," Mangini said Wednesday. "The group is friendly and the game was competitive by nature. ... All I see them doing is supporting each other."


Anderson's team won, 17-14.




Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/foot...l#ixzz0O2jgAGck

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I don't think it missed the runway, but it did sail over your head.


I must have missed the Browns Board discussion of Kenyan Nazis and death panels... Guess my invitation got lost in the mail


AHHA!!! me thinks I gets it now

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