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No-Huddle Full Time


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Cleveland Browns afternoon news roundup: No-huddle could be more than a part-time ploy

Posted by Starting Blocks




Tracy Boulian, The Plain Dealer Receivers like the Cleveland Browns' Braylon Edwards (above) figure the advantage is theirs in a no-huddle offense against a tiring defense.


The Cleveland Browns have to do something different on offense after the fiasco last season, when they didn't score an offensive touchdown in the last six games.


One ploy under new coach Eric Mangini might be to run the no-huddle offense at ordinary times during a game, not just when well behind on the scoreboard or late in a half.


The no-huddle is popular with the offensive players, reports Marla Ridenour for the Akron Beacon Journal:


Since training camp began Aug. 1, coach Eric Mangini has drilled the Browns on the no-huddle every day. Quarterback Derek Anderson said he loves it, because it allows him to get in a rhythm. The Browns will likely get more work on it during Saturday night's preseason opener at Green Bay.



''Today I think I completed almost every ball,'' Anderson said Wednesday. ''Especially if you get against guys like Big Baby [shaun Rogers] out there, you get him out there running around and you can't get him off the field. You make guys adjust to that and adjust to your tempo. I think it's helped us. It's helped the big guys with their conditioning. It can be a weapon for us.''








Wouldn't it be sweet if the Mangini coached Browns show they can run a no-huddle O as well as the Bills used to?


Some other random questions:


Has Mangini done this before? How about Daboll?


Is this too ambitious for a new coaching staff?


Could this be part of the reason the QB competition seems to be deadlocked?


Is the Browns offense organized enough to pull this off in regular season game conditions?


I know the answers will vary. That's what discussions are for.

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I think the no huddle would benifit DA greatly as long as he has 2 straight line scorchers and a couple of hands guys to check off to if he gets in trouble...BQ would find and exploit the mismatches as they are created in this system as well...i love the no huddle offense so im stoked! :)



As far as DAs headset its always going to cut out when he thinks he sees something open then breaks discipline and makes a bad decision if it was the right decision no one cares...hehehehehe

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How about the DOUBLE QB lineup (like the wishbone). Short passes, the ball goes to Quinn, Long passes (as long as it's "single coverage"), goes to DA.


...and they have 1 running back behind them






Nutty huh? But they do the "Wild Cat".

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We might as well just have ALL FOUR QBs on the feild! Just think about it! With four times the throwing arms of any regular set up, we can dominate any boring 1 QB formations... As soon as the ball will snap, the other 3 QBs will pull out footballs from under their shirts! The Defense won't know who to sack! We can be UNBEATABLE! :blink:





I like the idea of the no huddle, though... if our players can handle it. This can potentially tire out our offense easier as well.


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I didn't get my online feed working until late in the second qtr. Just in time to see B.E. drop a touchdown and Quinn throw a pick.


I didn't see if they tried running a no-huddle in the first half. Did the Browns run a no-huddle O at all in the first half ? Thank you.

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