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Mid-Season Form


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The Browns' showed tonight that they are in mid-season form. Unfortunately that season is 2008.

Romeo must have snuck back to coach one last game.


I don't put much stock in pre-season games but I did think Mangini would want

to come out and show SOME positives. What an embarassment!!!


It was the same old Browns! They can't run the ball and they can't stop the run!

The two fundamentals in football and they can't do either. They haven't been able to do

either in 10 years!!! They give up 230 yards on the ground!! They can't run the ball.

They can't throw the ball even thought Green Bay has three starters out from the

defensive backfield. They make a multitude of stupid penalties. They have NO pass

rush. Braylon drops a TD pass. They turn it over again and again. They play with NO

passion. Green Bay runs it down their throats when the Browns put 8 or even 9 in

the box.DA holds the ball forever. BTW, did I mention they can't stop the run???


The only way to go is up from here. The only bad thing is that they have SO far to

go to even be respectable that it may be impossible to get to respectablity this year.


The worst part of this game?? They were TOTALLY dominated physically.

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