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Ruin your health care with Obama stim bill


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America's senior citizens are JUSTIFIED in being frightened:


Remember what I said about cold-blooded liberal attitudes about our lives


based on economics and the senseless desire to change to a dominant socialist gov...



Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan: Betsy McCaughey


Commentary by Betsy McCaughey

Feb. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Republican Senators are questioning whether President Barack Obama’s stimulus bill contains the right mix of tax breaks and cash infusions to jump-start the economy.


Tragically, no one from either party is objecting to the health provisions slipped in without discussion. These provisions reflect the handiwork of Tom Daschle, until recently the nominee to head the Health and Human Services Department.


Senators should read these provisions and vote against them because they are dangerous to your health. (Page numbers refer to H.R. 1 EH, pdf version).


The bill’s health rules will affect “every individual in the United States” (445, 454, 479). Your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by a federal system. Having electronic medical records at your fingertips, easily transferred to a hospital, is beneficial. It will help avoid duplicate tests and errors.


But the bill goes further. One new bureaucracy, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. The goal is to reduce costs and “guide” your doctor’s decisions (442, 446). These provisions in the stimulus bill are virtually identical to what Daschle prescribed in his 2008 book, “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis.” According to Daschle, doctors have to give up autonomy and “learn to operate less like solo practitioners.”


Keeping doctors informed of the newest medical findings is important, but enforcing uniformity goes too far.


New Penalties


Hospitals and doctors that are not “meaningful users” of the new system will face penalties. “Meaningful user” isn’t defined in the bill. That will be left to the HHS secretary, who will be empowered to impose “more stringent measures of meaningful use over time” (511, 518, 540-541)


What penalties will deter your doctor from going beyond the electronically delivered protocols when your condition is atypical or you need an experimental treatment? The vagueness is intentional. In his book, Daschle proposed an appointed body with vast powers to make the “tough” decisions elected politicians won’t make.


The stimulus bill does that, and calls it the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research (190-192). The goal, Daschle’s book explained, is to slow the development and use of new medications and technologies because they are driving up costs. He praises Europeans for being more willing to accept “hopeless diagnoses” and “forgo experimental treatments,” and he chastises Americans for expecting too much from the health-care system.


Elderly Hardest Hit


Daschle says health-care reform “will not be pain free.” Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them. That means the elderly will bear the brunt.


Medicare now pays for treatments deemed safe and effective. The stimulus bill would change that and apply a cost- effectiveness standard set by the Federal Council (464).


The Federal Council is modeled after a U.K. board discussed in Daschle’s book. This board approves or rejects treatments using a formula that divides the cost of the treatment by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit. Treatments for younger patients are more often approved than treatments for diseases that affect the elderly, such as osteoporosis.


In 2006, a U.K. health board decreed that elderly patients with macular degeneration had to wait until they went blind in one eye before they could get a costly new drug to save the other eye. It took almost three years of public protests before the board reversed its decision.


Hidden Provisions


If the Obama administration’s economic stimulus bill passes the Senate in its current form, seniors in the U.S. will face similar rationing. Defenders of the system say that individuals benefit in younger years and sacrifice later.


The stimulus bill will affect every part of health care, from medical and nursing education, to how patients are treated and how much hospitals get paid. The bill allocates more funding for this bureaucracy than for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force combined (90-92, 174-177, 181).


Hiding health legislation in a stimulus bill is intentional. Daschle supported the Clinton administration’s health-care overhaul in 1994, and attributed its failure to debate and delay. A year ago, Daschle wrote that the next president should act quickly before critics mount an opposition. “If that means attaching a health-care plan to the federal budget, so be it,” he said. “The issue is too important to be stalled by Senate protocol.”


More Scrutiny Needed


On Friday, President Obama called it “inexcusable and irresponsible” for senators to delay passing the stimulus bill. In truth, this bill needs more scrutiny.


The health-care industry is the largest employer in the U.S. It produces almost 17 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. Yet the bill treats health care the way European governments do: as a cost problem instead of a growth industry. Imagine limiting growth and innovation in the electronics or auto industry during this downturn. This stimulus is dangerous to your health and the economy.


(Betsy McCaughey is former lieutenant governor of New York and is an adjunct senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. The opinions expressed are her own.)


To contact the writer of this column: Betsy McCaughey at Betsymross@aol.com


Last Updated: February 9, 2009 00:01 EST

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On Friday, President Obama called it “inexcusable and irresponsible” for senators to delay passing the stimulus bill.


He said the same thing over the Stimulus Bill and we are feeling the pain of that great legislation.


And where are the jobs from that bill? :unsure: still looking, the only people I see working around here are illegal mexicans who hack the labor costs to less than half.


As far as Daschle, he should learn to stay silent, he sticks his foot in his mouth everytime he opens it. But then again what do you expect from the liberal elite.






---- they can eat Cake, that is what Daschle is really saying as he bites into a thick slice of Prime Rib.

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And where are the jobs from that bill? :unsure: still looking, the only people I see working around here are illegal mexicans who hack the labor costs to less than half.


T, in Cleveland on the east side down 271 I saw a road construction with a sign saying "Stimulus Dollars at Work" and a silhouette of a guy digging a ditch. You probably don't see that down south because your a bunch of lazy assholes, get to work.



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Some of the Troubling Points in the Obama Healthcare Bill (with references)






July 23, 2009




Senator Bayh,




As a practicing physician I have major concerns with the Healthcare Bill before Congress. I actually have read the bill and am shocked by the brazenness of the government's proposed involvement in the patient physician relationship. The very idea that the government will dictate and ration patient care is dangerous and certainly not helpful in designing a healthcare system that works for all. Every physician I work with agrees that we need to fix our healthcare system, but the proposed bills currently making their way through congress will be a disaster if passed.




I ask you respectfully and as a patriotic American to look at the following troubling lines that I have read in the Healthcare Bill. You cannot possibly believe that these proposals are in the best interests of the country and our fellow citizens.




Page 22: Mandates that the Govt will audit books of all employers that self insure!!




Page 30 Sec 123: THERE WILL BE A GOVT COMMITTEE that decides what treatments/benefits you get.




Page 29 lines 4-16: YOUR HEALTH CARE IS RATIONED!!!




Page 42: The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your HC Benefits for you. You have no choice!




Page 50 Section 152: HC will be provided to ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise




Page 58: Govt will have real-time access to individuals’ finances & a National ID Healthcard will be issued!




Page 59 lines 21-24: Govt will have direct access to your bank accounts for elective funds transfer.




Page 65 Sec 164: is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in Unions & community organizations: (ACORN).




Page 84 Sec 203: Govt mandates ALL benefit packages for private HC plans in the Exchange.




Page 85 Line 7: Specifications for of Benefit Levels for Plans = AARP members – the govt will RATION your healthcare. (Never mind if you’ve paid into this your entire working life! This is how they’re going to “save” social security for you!)




Page 91 Lines 4-7 ll: Govt mandates linguistic appropriate services. Example - Translation: illegal aliens.




Page 95 Lines 8-18: The Govt will use groups i.e., ACORN & Americorps to sign up individuals for Govt HC plan.




Page 102 Lines 12-18: Medicaid Eligible Individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid. No choice.




Page 124 Lines 24-25: No company can sue GOVT on price fixing. No "judicial review" against Govt Monopoly.




Page 126 Lines 22-25: Employers MUST pay for HC for part time employees AND their families.




Page 127 Lines 1-16: Doctors/ American Medical Association - The Govt will tell YOU what you can make! (salary)




Page 145 Line 15-17: An Employer MUST auto enroll employees into public option plan. NO CHOICE!




Page 149 Lines 16-24: ANY Employer with payroll 401k & above who does not provide public option pays 8% tax on all payroll.




Page 150 Lines 9-13: Business's with payroll btw 251k & 401k who doesn't provide public option pays 2-6% tax on all payroll.




Page 167 Lines 18-23: ANY individual who doesn't have acceptable HC according to Govt will be taxed 2.5% of income. (assuming there is any income.)




Page 170 Lines 1-3: Any NONRESIDENT Alien is exempt from individual taxes. (Americans will pay.)




Page 195: Officers & employees of HC Admin (GOVT) will have access to ALL Americans finances /personal records.




Page 203 Line 14-15: "The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax" Yes, it says that!




Page 239 Line 14-24: Govt will reduce physician services for Medicaid Seniors, low income and poor are affected.




Page 241 Line 6-8: Doctors, doesn't matter what specialty you have, you'll all be paid the same!




Page 253 Line 10-18: Govt sets value of Doctor's time, profession, judgment etc. Literally value of humans.




Page 265 Sec 1131: Govt mandates & controls productivity for private HC industries.




Page 268 Sec 1141: Federal Govt regulates rental & purchase of power driven wheelchairs.




Page 272 SEC. 1145: TREATMENT OF CERTAIN CANCER HOSPITALS - Cancer patients - welcome to rationing!




Page 280 Sec 1151: The Govt will penalize hospitals for whatever Govt deems preventable re-admissions.




Page 298 Lines 9-11: Doctors, treat a patient during initial admission that results in a re-admission -Govt will penalize you.




Page 317 Lines 13-20: PROHIBITION on ownership/investment. Govt tells Doctors what/how much they can own!




Page 317-318 Lines 21-25, 1-3: PROHIBITION on expansion- Govt is mandating hospitals cannot expand.




Page 321 Lines 2-13: Hospitals have opportunity to apply for exception BUT community input is required. Can u say ACORN?!!




Page 335 Lines 16-25 Pg 336-339: Govt mandates establishment of outcome based measures. HC the way they want. Rationing.




Page 341 Lines 3-9: Govt has authority to disqualify Medicare Advance Plans, HMOs, etc. Forcing people into Govt plan.




Page 354 Sec 1177: Govt will RESTRICT enrollment of Special needs people! Unbelievable!




Page 379 Sec 1191: Govt creates more bureaucracy - Tele-health Advisory Committee. Can you say HC by phone?




Page 425 Lines 4-12: Govt mandates Advance Care Planning Consult. Think Senior Citizens end of life patients.




Page 425 Lines 17-19: Govt will instruct & consult regarding living wills, durable powers of attorney. Mandatory!




Page 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3: Govt provides approved list of end of life resources, guiding you in death. (assisted suicide)




Page 427 Lines 15-24: Govt mandates program for orders for end of life. The Govt has a say in how your life ends.




Page 429 Lines 1-9: An "advanced care planning consultant" will be used frequently as patients health deteriorates.




Page 429 Lines 10-12: "advanced care consultation" may include an ORDER for end of life plans. AN ORDER from GOVT!




Page 429 Lines 13-25: The govt will specify which Doctors can write an end of life order.




Page 430 Lines 11-15: The Govt will decide what level of treatment you will have at end of life!




Page 469: Community Based Home Medical Services = Non profit organizations. Hello, ACORN Medical Services here!!?




Page 472 Lines 14-17: PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORIGINATION. 1 monthly payment 2 a community-based organization. Like ACORN?




Page 489 Sec 1308: The Govt will cover Marriage & Family therapy. Which means they will insert Govt into your marriage.




Page 494-498: Govt will cover Mental Health Services including defining, creating, rationing those services.




Senator, I guarantee that I personally will do everything possible to inform patients and my fellow physicians about the dangers of the proposed bills you and your colleagues are debating.




Furthermore, If you vote for a bill that enforces socialized medicine on the country and destroys the doctor/patient relationship, I will do everything in my power to make sure you lose your job in the next election.








Stephen E Fraser MD Indianapolis, IN



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