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Looks like the public option is done

Westside Steve

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LOL, we already have the claim here that


she "just mispoke".


Anyway to deny reality works for them, I guess.


Obama is an empty political suit. IOW, he doesn't have values,


he has socialist professor leftist teachings to use to manipulate


a lot of people to give him success. And the political winds


blow him across the lake of real life like a sunfish sailboat.


He's headed for a flop into the water sideways.

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But seriously, knowing fixes need fixed, doesn't mean an entire system should be replaced


for a dramatic political one-up-manship in radical form.


And the language in this gov bill is so counter-productive, many folks are wondering "what the hell is THAT in there for?"


I like the idea of creating a non-profit, consumer owned health insurance org.


I think the Amish do that very same kind of thing, a health insurance co-op.

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