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Raiders Coach Tom Cable Punched Assistant During Altercation

Guest mz.

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While the Bungles make for good Hard Knocks fodder, the Raiders should have a separate television network dedicated to filming their inner workings 24/7.


Sources: Raiders Coach Tom Cable Punched Assistant During Altercation


Posted Aug 17, 2009 5:05PM By Nancy Gay (RSS feed)


The always volatile Oakland Raiders are now fighting amongst themselves -- in the coaching ranks, no less.


According to a report Monday on the Web site National Football Post, Raiders defensive assistant Randy Hanson was punched in the jaw by another member of the team's coaching staff during an Aug. 5 altercation at Oakland's training camp headquarters at the Napa Valley Marriott.


Multiple NFL and Raiders sources have confirmed the victim of the alleged assault was Hanson, a third-year assistant who is in his first season with the team under the title "assistant coach-defense." Two NFL sources have told FanHouse the attacker was Raiders' first-year head coach Tom Cable, and "that Hanson never saw it coming."


Neither Hanson nor the coach who threw the punch were identified in a Napa, Calif., police report taken Aug. 6 at Queen of the Valley Hospital. But one well-placed NFL source told FanHouse of the attacker: "It's a well-known coach. Very well-known."


Pressed to confirm the identity of the attacker, the source said, "It was Cable who hit him."


According to Napa Police Lt. Brian McGovern, police followed procedure in responding to the downtown Napa hospital when Hanson arrived to receive treatment for what was described as an injured jaw.


X-rays were taken. The results are not known, although one NFL source told FanHouse Hanson sustained a fractured jaw as a result of the punch.


Hanson told police the alleged assault took place at the Raiders' training camp site the day before, but he refused to name the attacker, which is hindering a police investigation into whether misdemeanor or even felony assault charges may be filed. A jaw fracture could warrant felony charges, but the fact the victim is unwilling to pursue the matter criminally is not surprising, given the cloistered nature of the tight-knit NFL coaching fraternity.


The police report is not public record, McGovern said, because of concern for privacy rights of the alleged victim.


"The victim didn't even want any police action taken," McGovern told FanHouse, "but we were following hospital policy that authorities be contacted in cases where there may have been an assault."


McGovern said Napa Police consider the matter closed at this point, "unless we are re-contacted by the victim, and the victim changes their mind that they want us to follow through and pursue an investigation. At this point we're not doing anything else with it."


Another NFL source told FanHouse that Hanson was in the middle of a conversation with defensive coordinator John Marshall when the alleged attack occurred.


Hanson previously served under former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin as an assistant defensive backs coach. The two clashed famously in Sept. 2008 when Hanson was suspended by Kiffin after the defensive assistant openly questioned the Raiders' game plan following a 41-14 season-opening loss to the then-Mike Shanahan-coached Denver Broncos.


"It's a good thing that Shanahan didn't have our players," Hanson reportedly blurted out in the presence of other coaches, "or else he would have beaten us 1,000-0."


Kiffin suspended Hanson for five days, causing a rift among a divided Raiders coaching staff that caused owner Al Davis to intervene. By that time, Kiffin and former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan were openly battling over defensive philosophy. By Week 1 of the '08 season, Davis already was compiling a dossier to document reasons to dismiss Kiffin. The Hanson incident was one more page for the report.


Asked about the Hanson outburst, Kiffin said last September, "Randy had some personal issues going on. Randy still did some work for us, but he spent some time at home to get some things straight in his personal life."


Raiders senior executive John Herrera told the National Football Post that Cable would address the latest Hanson controversy following the team's practice on Sunday, but that did not happen.


The Raiders have a single 3:30 p.m. PT practice Monday, after which Cable is expected to answer questions about the alleged assault.


via here.

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Jeffro: I do appreciate how you feel the overwhelming to disagree with everything I ever say, but you really don't see the head coach breaking the assistant coach's jaw all too often.

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Jeffro: I do appreciate how you feel the overwhelming to disagree with everything I ever say, but you really don't see the head coach breaking the assistant coach's jaw all too often.


Jeffro is your version of my dencyguy. Take it as a compliment.

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To the point, I would like to know what happened here. This is inexcusable behavior for a head coach to pop somebody, and it sounds like it was a form of a sucker punch if true. There are denials, etc., but you don't just get your jaw broke unless someone punches you.


Oakland is as dysfunctional a team as there has ever been.

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What did Steve Smith get from the Panthers last year. He broke the jaw of his teamate with a sucker punch.. 2 game suspension ..i think? Cable should get that... plus .. As a coach he should show even greater restraint, he is the face of the team so he has an even greater duty as a role model. I hope the commish comes down hard on him.. WOW. .. could you imagine going to your job tomorrow and getting sucker punched by your boss for making a mistake? He would be fired in the real world. At least 3-4 games suspension would be the appropriate action along with a hefty fine

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My inclination would be to say that if he did sucker punch the guy, he should be fired tomorrow. The coach sets the tone, and only a moron would want that kind of thing happening from the team leader. Heck, as much as I disliked him in the last decade or so, at least Bob Knight let a guy know before he attacked him.


That said, two things will prevent that from happening. The first is the fact that Al Davis is a big enough moron to want that kind of thing happening from the team leader. The second is that there is no-one on the staff who could step in and replace Cable. They've got two guys on the staff that have been head coaches before--Paul Hackett and Ted Tollner, both of whom sucked. It's enough to make a Raiders fan long for the glory days of Lane Kiffin, and enough to make us Vols fans breathe a bit easier and say, "Okay, maybe it was just that organization."



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This has the potential to get really interesting now. Via Fanhouse


>>Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson has hired an attorney and will turn X-rays showing that his jaw is broken over to Napa, Calif. police, according to a report by the National Football Post, as an investigation into an alleged incident between Hanson and Oakland head coach Tom Cable intensifies.


According to the National Football Post, Cable went after Hanson multiple times during the meeting in question, knocking the assistant out of his chair and into a cabinet. Cable then allegedly choked Hanson, according to NFP's source, before other people in the room pulled the two apart.


"Cable said, 'I am going to kill you, I am going to kill you,' as he was choking him,'' the source told NFP.


Following the Raiders' lone training camp practice in Napa on Thursday, Cable continued to say the team was handling the matter.


"Yeah, we're still going to take care of it internally," Cable said. "One thing I will tell you is this -- when all the facts come out, everything will be fine." <<


Look for Al Davis to go into full "Stop Snitching" mode and have Carmello Anthony throw a brick through Hanson's window sometime in the near future.


On a side note, what a great controversy between two dopey looking coaches. In one corner, you've got Tom Cable, last seen as an extra in Goodellas:




And in the other you've got Randy Hanson, last seen as an extra in Mississippi Burning:





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