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Rock on Iowa

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Did anybody else post this? Anyway I've got ja k shit to do this February wonder if a weekend junket to Des Moines would be fun?

Waiting for the left to start wetting their pants about this. And the fake news media to start spinning the story.


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Florida has done well - there are health problems with masks all the time.

It's a tough situation - but giant socialist government demands are not going to fly.

The left is delighted with making more and more crisis (see hundreds of thousands of

destitute unvetted illegals flood in) so they can use it to get more and more power over people.

which, is also,

"man made global warming".

It's an emotional knee jerk open door to government overreach and control of everybody, and everything they own and do.

and, as even the UN itself has ADMITTED...

redistribution of wealth to the rest of the world. from US.

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