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Cobra Kai review

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Cobra Kai
YouTube premium / Netflix
3 seasons

Nearly 40 years ago THE KARATE KID was one of the most popular movies of its time. It was directed by John G Avildsen a guy who is no stranger to underdog overcoming outrageous odds films probably the most famous of which was ROCKY.
THE KARATE KID also spawned a couple of sequels in descending popularity but now the story picks up 3 decades later with Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka )as grown men whose lives have taken markedly different paths. Daniel has turned his fame from the karate championship in the 80s into a successful automobile dealership while Johnny has bounced from low end job to low end job after a failed marriage. 
I will just give you the basic setup because of course as 3 Seasons roll along there will be a lot of twists and turns along the way. A couple other major players are Daniels’s daughter Samantha (Mary Mouser) and Johnny’s estranged son Robbie and Miguel (Xolo Mariduena). He’s something of an outcast; picked on and abused by the kids in school. He will convince a reluctant to Johnny Lawrence to come out of retirement and teach him karate. Johnny will reopen the Cobra Kai dojo  with a similar strike first no mercy  motto but he’s by no means as nasty as the original sensei John Kreese.(Martin Kove).
 Of course, Daniel and Johnny are still at odds and as Cobra Kai expands, Daniel decides to revive the Miyagi do dojo which sets up an us-versus-them conflict that continues through the series.
One thing you’ll notice with season 3 which opened January 2021 is that Netflix has purchased the series from YouTube premium.  It's not that Google didn't have the money it's just that they didn't want to spend it. The 30-minute segments have been expanded to 39 minutes and the writing and cinematography seem a little bit more polished thanks to Netflix partners at Sony. Some of the situations seem a little darker as well. as more of the original cast added,  with the exception, of course, Pat Morita who does appear in flashback.
So here are a few facts I can give you without fear of spoiling the show. Cast members from the original movie will be showing up on a regular basis. You will learn some history that you didn’t know before. There’ll be at least one fight in every episode and absolutely none of them will make you forget Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan trust me. Also, there will be at the  very  least one corny platitude . Cobra Kai & Miyagi do students will switch sides occasionally. Some of the old bad guys turn out to be okay and some of them turned out to be worse than you thought. And there will be a lot of misunderstandings between the characters that I thought should be pretty easy to figure out but…
Anyway, it’s enjoyable nostalgic and an easy watch if not a particularly stunning production. But with a slight improvement in season 3 all in all I’m giving it a…
Breaking news Season 4 Just got the green light

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It's a cute series... Without giving it up.. I'll just say they go in depth about where John Kreece started and has currently ended up... Considering some of the garbage thats being produced. It's nice to see a show that hasn't sunk to the levels of watching ugly people in same sex loves scenes.. killing sprees and what not... It gets a thumbs up from me... Martin Kove is one of the great "Bad Guys" in pop culture... And William Zabka does a formidable job...

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54 minutes ago, Westside Steve said:

 Both those things are true. I just think it's a fun series.

 Spoiler alert there was no nude scene with Elisabeth Shue.


Does she show up in the series?  And does she look as good as she did back in the day (of course older, but you know).

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On 3/1/2021 at 9:38 AM, The Gipper said:

I keep hearing where the show has been canceled.  Is that true? 

Nope a 4th and 5th season are imminent.. From what I understand... I wish I had a link to corroborate this..

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Just chiming in to say l watched it and really liked it. I’m not really a binge watch kinda guy but l flew through 3 seasons in like 2-3 weeks, which is fast for me. 

I actually thought the fight scenes were pretty good and seemed to get better as the series went on. They generally do a great job of humanizing the characters so it’s less of a good guy/bad guy thing. And l love the near constant stream of 80s references. 

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