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Westside Steve

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Bill Maher is an ass-whole but I don't always disagree with him. As a member of minority who actually got fucked out of their jobs over this panic I think this monologue oh, despite having some truth, misses the point.

A growing number of people will prefer to sit on their ass and collect a check. That's unfortunate because I think it does irreparable harm to the fabric of society. Or if that's just the way Society goes looking at other countries that have grown more socialist over the decades and centuries.

But like Y2K and 911 this pandemic has given a lot of people a lot of services and a lot of businesses and excuse to do a shittier and shittier job.

Furthermore Bill, yeah I'm with you there aren't very many good paying 40-hour a week jobs. Human sweat and labor isn't needed as badly as it once was. And there will be a lot less jobs like that under the, let's say new rules, of crushing jobs and putting everybody on the free shit Express.


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