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Browns Drafts Data Points

The Gipper

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Here are some "data points"  on past Browns drafts:

1.  In 1952 the Browns drafted  QB Harry Agannis in the first round.  He never played for the Browns, opting to play baseball instead


2. The Browns traded Paul Warfield to the Miamin Dolphins for the #3 overall pick in the 1970 draft.   They chose Mike Phipps with that pick.


3. The Browns traded their first round pick in the 1983 draft  to Buffalo for the right to LB Tom Cousineau.  With the Browns pick, the Bills selected QB  Jim Kelly  HOF


4. The Browns traded their 1985 first round pick, their 1986  first round pick, plus a couple of lower round picks, for  the Bills first overall selection in the 1985 Supplemental draft.  The Browns took Bernie Kosar with that pick.   The Bills later  traded that 1985 Browns pick to Green Bay who took  OT Ken Reutgers with it.   The 1986 pick was used by the Bills to select OT Wil Wolford. 


5. The Browns traded their  2019 first round pick along with Jabrill Peppers to the Giants  for  Odell Beckham Jr. WR.


6.  The Browns traded away several players that they selected in the draft who later became HOF players...for other teams:    Doug Atkins...to Bears.  Willie Davis to Packers.  Henry Jordan to Packers. Dick LeBeau to Lions.  Bobby Mitchell to Redskins some.   Paul Warfield to Dolphins some.    And Jim Marshall who is the highest ranked player ever who has not as yet made the HOF  to Vikings


7.  Hall of Fame Players the Browns have drafted in Round One:     1953  Atkins;  1957 Jim Brown.   1964  Paul Warfield   1978  Ozzie Newsome  (plus Clay Matthews...HOF Finalist this year).  Also 2007 Joe Thomas who will be in someday.


8. The "Oldest"  player that the Browns drafted that is still active in the league  is OC  Alex Mack.  Taken in the first round in the 2009 draft.  Next oldest are  Joe Haden and Colt McCoy, both taken in 2010. 


9.  Denzel Ward is the ONLY player from Ohio State drafted by the Browns in the last  11 drafts.  Before that it was  Brian Robiskie in 2009.    On the other hand, in their history the Browns have drafted more players from OSU than any other school....just not so much this Century.  The only other  OSU player the Browns have drafted in the 2000s  was TE Darnell Sanders in  2002.


10.  #1 overall pick  Baker Mayfield  needs only  16 more yards to overtake  #1  overall pick Tim Couch in the Browns all time passing yards leadership ranking.  But, he needs  about 12, 200 to overtake  #1 Overall equivalent pick Bernie Kosar,  and  12,600 to overtake all time leader,   13th round pick  Brian Sipe  to become the Browns all time leader.     (Baker is #5 right now.  It goes:  Sipe, Kosar,  Milt Plum, Couch)   He needs  6522 yards to overtake Plum.   At his current rate of   about 3700 yards passing per year, it will take him  about  3.4 years to overtake Sipe.  

But...by the way...he has already overtaken Sipe, Plum, Couch in playoff wins.  None of those 3 won a playoff game for the Browns. 

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Another "Data Point"  about Baker.    This article was written before the Browns beat the Steelers....so  the "what ifs" as you know, did come true:

Mayfield will be making the first postseason start of his career and if the Browns win, he'd become just the ninth No. 1 overall pick to win his debut playoff game. Unfortunately for the Browns, No. 1 overall picks haven't fared so well in their first playoff start. As a matter of fact, you could argue that it's been a total disaster. Of the 18 quarterbacks selected with the top pick since 1990, only two of them have won their first playoff game. 

Overall, those 18 quarterbacks have combined to go 2-10 in their first career playoff start. If you're wondering why that total record doesn't come out to 18 games, it's because two quarterbacks never started in a playoff game ever (David Carr and Sam Bradford) while the four other quarterbacks are still active and have yet to play in the postseason (Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow and Jameis Winston). 

Of those 10 losses, many of them came from notable names, including Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton and Eli Manning

In the Super Bowl era, only eight No. 1 overall picks have ever led their team to a playoff win in their first start and that's only if you include Steve Young, who was the top pick in the 1984 supplemental draft. If you don't count Young, that number goes down to seven. 

Note:  I do NOT know, but I believe that this 2-10 does not include Tim Couch, for recall that despite leading the team in 2002, he was hurt for the playoff game vs. the Steelers that the Browns lost. 

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As long as we are on that subject,  here are the Postseason records for  Browns QBs:

Otto Graham   9-3

Bernie Kosar   3-4

Bill Nelsen   2-3

Frank Ryan   1-2

Vinny Testaverde   1-1

Baker Mayfield   1-1

Kelly Holcomb  0-1

Don Strock  0-1

Paul McDonald   0-1

Mike Phipps   0-1

Brian Sipe   0-1

Milt Plum  0-2

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21 hours ago, Zombo said:

Officially,  Don Strock started the Wild Card game against the Oilers,  got injured early ... but he would take the L, not Pagel, right?


I guess so. I thought perhaps it was the other way around because  I looked at the boxscore of that game, and Pagel threw most of the passes, so I thought perhaps he was the one who started.  That boxscore did  not state who started, just gave the stats.  And Strock was famous for being a "Relief Pitcher"....but I am sure you are right, so I fixed it. 

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