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Texas proving to be an ill prepared and generally weak state

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Our prayers are with the people of Texas.


As of Tuesday, more than 4.3 million Texans were without power as extreme weather grips the region. Many are without heat in the freezing cold, too, as 60% of buildings in the state rely on electricity for heat.

This type of tragedy should be unthinkable, especially in our energy-rich, resource-blessed country. Yet we’re all watching in horror as it plays out on TV and affects millions of our fellow Americans.


Because of the strain on Texas’ electricity grid due to a winter storm, the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) imposed blackouts. To translate that from government-speak to plain English, they turned off the power to certain areas of the state.


The blackouts were supposed to be brief and rolling, but in some areas, the power outages have lasted much longer, leaving millions trapped in the dark and/or without heat. Residents who do have power have been asked to turn down their thermostats, turn off lighting, and un-plug non-essential appliances — and it’s still not enough.


Following the national trend of the green left, Texas went big on wind energy. Wind farms across the state supply 23% of Texas’ energy grid, behind only natural gas. But in this wintry weather, wind turbines have been iced over and shut down — taking roughly half of them offline and putting a strain on other energy sources.


Right now, I’m rooting for Texas to get the power on as quickly as possible, and I won’t stop praying for the people of Texas until everyone’s lights and heat are back on.image.png.fada56d4a9ce464d11443f72562365ba.png

But in the long term, I’m concerned about Texas … and about the rest of America, too.


What’s happening in Texas right now is the best future you and I can expect if President Biden succeeds in his plan to make the U.S. electricity sector carbon-free by 2035.


In fact, I fear our future may be even worse if Biden’s Green New Deal succeeds, as his vision of an all-electric car and truck fleet and all-electric appliances will put even more strain on our electrical grid.


Will you sign the American Energy Alliance’s petition right now to demand lawmakers reject Biden’s Green New Deal and keep the power on for American families instead?


Our country is blessed with the natural resources to provide affordable, abundant, and reliable energy for all Americans — but President Biden, his allies in Congress, and radical environmentalists would rather force us to shiver in cold, dark homes and reminisce about the days when fossil fuels kept the power on.


The tragedy unfolding in Texas right now reminds us that energy is not something to be trifled with, as millions of lives are dependent on it.


It’s time for you and me to stand up and say NO to the green left’s radical ideology … because we can see where it leads.


Please sign the American Energy Alliance’s petition right now to demand lawmakers reject Biden’s Green New Deal and keep the power on for American families instead.


And please join me — and the entire American Energy Alliance team — in keeping Texas in your thoughts.




Tom Pyle


American Energy Alliance




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23 hours ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

At least the Gov. finally admitted the big mistake of not listening to the fed 10 years ago like El Paso did and is now talking about spending the money to winterize ALL parts of the power grid power stations regardless of whether it is oil, coal, gas, wind or solar. Finally. It actually took 3 such disasters with the other two in 1989 and 2011 not quite as bad as this one. The price we pay for trying to be another country like the good ole days of 1836-45. My roots go deep in that era in several direct branches, but it's time to join the Union for good (but I'm still hanging on to my confederate money 🤑).

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