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Army may nix gender neutral ...fitness tests


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Really now. Most intelligent folks who have ever been in the military and know about women...

knew this wouldn't work. Even those who haven't been in the military and know about women... except for leftwing extremist trolls around here...

knew better.

Decades ago, we just moved into our dream ranch, and that winter, we were out in our backyard, and I was teasing her about something, and she was laughing and tried to put me into a snowdrift. No chance - men are too strong. I overpowered her easy and kept upright - except 

...women don't have to be as strong, she used leverage, pinched, tickled, wet finger in my ear I hate that, nerve pressure on my hand.... twist my nose.... it was a stalemate. lol

the neighbor gal back then was out walking her dog in their  backyard, and was laughing, cheering my Wife on.

Yeah, women are NOT as strong. But they cheat, and they are freaking way too smart. dammit.


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