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No Steelers in Berea

WPB Dawg Fan

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I love this:


No Steeler gear here


Joshua Cribbs spotted Seth Cooper, a 17-year-old from Sandusky, sitting in the bleachers wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers No. 56 jersey and approached him.


''Who's his dad?'' Cribbs asked. ''I can't believe you all let him sit there like that.''


Later in the session, Cribbs gave Cooper at Browns T-shirt.


''Coach said you can't do that,'' Cribbs told him. ''Put this on over it.'' Cooper later complied.


Good for Cribbs. He is definitely becoming a leader on this team. A strong, vocal, and valuable player that leads not only by his on the field play, but his off the field demeanor. I just hope the contract thing gets settled equitably for both sides and he remains a Browns player for a long time to come (his play at WR should insure that).

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It's also rather admirable the way he takes care of business when he steps between the white lines.


Violent resolve with ball in hand.


Hopefully, before the season begins they'll sit down with him and stuff a sizable pile of folding money in his pocket and get his


signature again. At the rate he's going, he might not ever have a "contract" year in the normal sense.

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Cribbs is the type of player I love. All effort, great personality. I hope he's here and productive for a long time. I like to see players that embrace a team, its fans, and a rivalry like that. He's not just here to collect his paycheck (But he has a right to want a bigger one, don't we all?). He's showing some love for the team and city.



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IMHO, Cribbs is the inspirational leader of the Browns. He is flat out "A Football Player"!

Last week after a GB interception, Cribbs hustled back to make the tackle....we have a 1st round pick who could learn a whole lot by just emulating his hustle...Cribbs NEVER quits on a play...even if his "part" of the play seems over, he only stops when the whistle blows. In all probability, that end zone interception would never have happened had Cribbs been the intended receiver. I honestly believe he would have stripped it & rendered the pass incomplete.

I also hope Cribbs is here a LONG time.


I did read about the gear thing...that was great, AND the young man got a personalized BROWN'S souvenir!

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Cribbs is the first real game breaker we've had since Metcalf


A guy who can house it from anywhere everytime he touches the ball


And by the amount of touches he saw against GB I'd say Mangini recognizes that


I believe that he'll do the right thing and keep him happy

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