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Sticks and stones

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 OK OK yes this woman's a bee otch. Underwood.

 My only point here is that this was a headline news story. As a matter of fact the leading story on AOL news for what it's worth.

 Are you fucking kidding me? How many murders rapes armed robberies assaults home invasions heavy duty drug deals overdoses child molestings etc etc go on every day in a major US city? And a lead story on the national news is some loud mouth bitch calling a negro a bad name? (Regardless of the white trash moniker  they called her.)

 That's just ridiculous boys.


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There has to be a way to combat the direction that the media tries to steer people.

people are

addicted to there phone like crack.

most feel zero need to question what they are seeing.  A whole generation of elderly people stare at a tv watching cnn and believe it’s truth.  Another generation thinks Twitter is the gospel.

thats a lot of Ill informed citizens 

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