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Water for voters

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 This might help a few people not completely blinded by political loyalty to the democrats. I've been voting for decades and it always struck me that those people with pamphlets and advice were forced to stand X amount of yards away from the polling places.For the sake of argument let's agree thatIt should be illegal for let's say Republican activists to remind voters on the way in to vote one way or another and tell them which issues they should vote for or against.  That actually is the law regardless of party. Do we agree so far? Can we also agree that not every political activists is as pure and honest as tex and they might skirt that electioneering law by pretending to bring water to a voter dying of thirst in line.  Or food or beer or recreational marihuana…😆

 The law really has nothing to do with race but I know that's what some of you want. 


 Bottom line electioneering even disguised eze bring water to thirsty citizens has always been against the law.

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