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Brady Queen overthrows a screen pass in practice


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Guest c-dawg
I just wanted to start one of these homo QB threads.


Love the irony! :lol: It doesn't matter how many you start, it seems like every thread is turning into one about QBs anyway.


It's good to see everyone psyched up but overkill is, well, overkill.


I just hope whomever starts can actually complete some screen passes, that has been a missing part of our O for a while now and could really screw with another team's pass rush.

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It seems we are setting our standards to low.

Neither one of the guys we have are star QB's

When will we get out of this basement and get a real quarterback?

Heaven help us!

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'Peen, there's no practice today. Ate/Lums was joshing.


And Quinn would never, EVER overthrow a screen pass. That kid is special (!).




On the upperback of the Quinn jersey I bought Atenears it reads: "JUST ATE"


- Tom F.

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I think bq will be by far the better of the two as far as developement goes but i wouldnt mind seeing DA get the start just to see how long it takes for mangini/daboll to pull him and stick BQ in there...i just want to see us win if DA can get it done GREAT!


But the chances are da cant and under those circumstances i would rather see bq develop or flop then to have a repeat of last year...;)


I love these qb threads because soon the controversy will be over but the DA/BQ sucks stick the other guy in threads will begin!



The controversy will not end until one of them excells and the other is gone or both of them are gone! ;)

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