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This Friday's Observations

The Gipper

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OK, here are my weekend observations which I know you have all been waiting with bated (baited?) breath for:


1. Look, Don't worry, be happy, the Browns will be competitive this year. Not necessarily playoff competitive, but they will show up for every game...unlike last year and some years prior to that. Mangini was brought in to change the loser mentality that has festered in this team since its return. I for one think he will ultimately be successful....not instantly, but ultimately.


2. It is mixed emotion time for me. Tomorrow I am sending my son (my oldest) off to college. I am sure I will get all verklempt.


3. District 9. Good flick. Different. No US involvement at all with it, so it even feels different (It is in English) Can be gory.


4. Yes, Gentlemen, I watch...and enjoy...Project Runway which started a new season last night. I watch it with my wife and daughter.


5. But one of my favorite shows on TV is The History Detectives on PBS.


6. Here is the deal, and you have perhaps heard me say this before, I am not interested in seeing any team in any sport win a title who has won one since 1970. I did some research on this, and the fact is that over 1/3 of the major league teams in all sports have NOT won a title since 1970, so there is plenty of room for new blood. Thus, for baseball anyway, now that the Tribe is obviously out, go Rangers, Cubs, Giants, Rockies, Rays.


7. The Babe of the week: Go back to Project Runway. Heidi Klum. Though she has now had like 4 kids, she still has her smoking hot model's body and is drop dead gorgeous. Definitely bohica material.


8. Obligatory comment on the Browns QB situation: BQ will again give the better performance this week.



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This year will be about playing hard and smart. Being competitive isn't enough, but may have to do while we develop some youngsters and core players.


I want to see mentally tough and playing smart. Find out if we have a franchise QB. And find out which positions need the most upgrade in talent OL, RB and LB). Can Ryan develop some of the young LBs?


This year could hinge on how much productivity they can squeeze out of some of veterans how have seen better days, like Lewis, Tucker, Heiden, Bowens and Eric Barton.

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